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User:dark_destiny (590813)
Name:Rachel Z.
Bio:Hey, my name's Rachel. I'm usually rather hyper and yes, I actually (gasp) think. I'm also innocent/weird/evil/scary. I have a wide variety of interests, and one of them includes Draco/Ginny fanfiction - me and my friend are running a D/G community, called Flames of Ice. We've just started it up, so go and join! Oh yeah, and there's an icon making site my friend and I started - Requiem For A Dream.

I'm pretty upbeat and friendly, but don't provoke me - I'm not kidding. Well, what else is there to say? This journal is for friends, so I don't think I need to explain anything more about me, since they already know me. Bye.
Interests:56: 3 days grace, alternative rock, art, aurora borealis, being hyper, being insane, being opinionated, being smarter than you, biking, black, black roses, cheer, christmas, cradle of filth, darkness, disturbed, draco malfoy, english, evanescence, family, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, friends, ginny/draco, halloween, harry potter, harry potter rpg, hating men, holidays, imagination, linkin park, lord of the rings, meaningful stuff, men, metal, michelle branch, movies, music, poetry, queen of the damned, rain, reading, rock, scaring people, school, singing, storms, swimming, the northern lights, the used, the vampire chronicles, tom felton, travelling, vampires, writing
Friends:10: blured_reality, chaotic_dreamer, deadxagain, flames_of_ice, grrlface, hauntedxwhisper, karma_police, redh0tt, requiemofdreams, sexanddiamonds
Friend of:7: blured_reality, deadxagain, grrlface, hauntedxwhisper, karma_police, redh0tt, sexanddiamonds
Member of:2: flames_of_ice, requiemofdreams
Account type:Free User

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