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Below is user information for †he Conf£ssions of a Fl£sh †Junki£†. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dark_addiction (789750)
Name:†he Conf£ssions of a Fl£sh †Junki£†
Website:†Lucid [S]inema Dreamer†
Location:austin, Texas, United States
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haha.. i'm such a fucking loser for adding that damn rating thing. oh well... *shrugs*

mine eyes desirous of beautiful things, and my soul, likewise of its salvation, have no other means to rise to heaven but to gaze at all such things. -michelangelo buonarroti

i am an artist of many trades. i love indie and foreign films. i only like the city i live in at night and on rainy days. out of all my friends there are only 8 of them that i would go out in public with. i dig music scenes, crosses but not ones with jesus cruxified on them, book stores, parking garages in the west side, walking and taking the bus, and japanese language and culture studies.
i love walking around taking pictures. the hell st mary chaple is my most favorite place in the world to lurk around and neon lights are awsome.
i hate culturally piggish people, bush, ghetto people, my mother, extreme hypocrites, †** †*** †* †*******, †* †*******, and american pop culture bu then again.. does'nt that make me just as bad to hate them..? *panders* oh fuck it...

Memories:2 entries
Interests:86: "blinx", *death*, 90's style, anime, anton levay, arousal, being solitary, berman & beramn, black and purple, blind folds, building shrines, cantonese music, chinese food, cinema dreaming, cliche goth, corsets, craft in general, dancing, ddr, demonic studies, egl, erotic photography, erotic stories/poetry, fashion, fashion alterations, fetish/ paraphilias, flesh addictions, fuck, geisha, goth, goth culture, gothic architecture, graveyards, hardware metal sole boots, i feel sick, invader zim, japanese music (jrock/pop), japanese/chinese language, jesse'o, jthm, kanstantinos, katana, killing †††††-†††††, kimono, korean music, legends, lust, manga, movies, my goddess-god, night time, one of us, panties, panty hose, pretty cocks, rainy days, reading novels, rope bondage, rpg-ing, sensual suicide, sex mania, sexy shoes, sexy/beautiful females, sharp knives, silver jewlery, singing, snake river conspiracy, stars, sybil vane, taiwanese music, taking pictures, tangerine dream, u fucking k, ukiyo-e prints, vast, video games, video girl ai, visual kei, water color painting, wind, wrath, writing, writing stories with people, z*, †††††-††††† in heat, †††††-††††† wet
Friends:10: beautiful_goths, bondagemakeup, confession, eroticstories, fruits, liquid_thought, midnights_lover, onewingedweasel, scherzo, _goth_
Friend of:2: alicexx, scherzo
Member of:6: beautiful_goths, bondagemakeup, confession, eroticstories, fakehair, fruits
Account type:Free User

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