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Below is user information for Sky. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:daren (138919)
Bio:I will generously give you a brisk rundown using the ever so fashionable Net speak:

17/f/canada/no pix. h8s when ppl eat her french friez n leiks 2 sleep. lolz!1.
Interests:123: "technoshamanism", 60s, 70s, 80s, a perfect circle, adams family, alex grey, anthrofuturism, art, art and anti-art, banksy, batman, blek le rat, boards of canada, bonehead, butthole surfers, c-tec, cafe del mar, calvin and hobbes, catpafaugec, chagall, clean sweep, clerks, cockateils, comics, compulsive ebay browsing, corney horror, cubism, cult movies, cyber anthropology, cyber culture, cyborg eschatology, dada and surrealism, dali, dave mathews band, dave mckean, david bowie, dean koontz, delirium, depeche mode, disney, ed the sock, edward gorey, einsturzende neubauten, existentialism, far side, film noir, fine art, gamecube, garfield, george orwell, ginger snaps, grindhouse flicks, grubby flea market people, h.r giger, hating overly religious people, hbo, hollywood north, indie movies, industrial, interventionism, kfmdm, lion king, m. c. escher, maynard, ministry, mock swedish, muppets, necklace making and/or attempting, neil gaiman, nice straight teeth, nihilism, nintendo, orgy, oz, photography, picasso, pill culture, plaid, pocket journals, preacher, psychology, quuer as folk, r.e.m, reading, religion, rembrandt, roseanne, sandman, sarcasm, scaring jehovah's witnesses, seinfeld, sex in the city, six feet under, skinny puppy, sleeping dogs wake, snarkiness, sociology, stand up comedy, stealing lj user icons, stencil grafitti, suicide, swedish chef, swimming, synth, tarot, terry prachett, the beatles, the cure, the endless, timothy leary, tool, tooth floss, van gogh, werewolf cinema, wolves, wormaap, wtf, wtf as a verb, wtf as an adjective, wtf–ing, yahoo! vs. google, zdzis³aw beksiñski.
Friends:None listed.
Member of:1: suicide_note
Account type:Early Adopter

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