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Below is user information for y0ffeeeeee. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:danzgrl224 (73421)
Location:Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:Bounce8189 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:adorkable8 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:idk wat to say..check out my journal..that'll tell u more about me than this ever will ;-)
Interests:131: advice, aim, babies, baseball, basketball, blurty, boobs, boston, boston public, boston red sox, boxers, caesar salad, candles, carebears, cell phones, chatting, cherries, chicken fingers, classic, comedy, cookie dough, corn on the cob, craziness, dan, diaries, digital cameras, disney channel, dorks, dr seuss, dreaming, eminem, excersize, family, flare jeans, flirting, flute, football, french, friends, fun, games, gc, giggling, goldfish, guys, h&m, heroes, hockey, hocus pocus, hugs, ice cream, ireland, ja rule, jewish, jimmy eat world, john q, jokes, kfc, kisses, laughing, life, light blue, lilacs, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, love, lyrics, magazines, magic, makeovers, massachusetts, mcdonalds, me, movies, mtv, music, my backyard, my quoteness, nickelodeon, pac sun, pastel colors, pdas, performances, performing, pervertedness, photography, pictures, pillows, pizza, pop tarts, pouring rain, presents, pringles, puppies, r&b, randomness, rap, reeses peanutbutter cups, roses, save the last dance, shooting stars, shopping, shows, silliness, slippers, smiles, softball, songs, spin the bottle, spring, steak, strawberries, stuffed animals, subway, summer, sunshine, surprises, sweatshirts, swimming, talking on the phone, teddy bears, teens, ties, true life, trust, truth or dare, waffles, watermelon, websites, weirdness, writing
Friends:27: 2285, babiicakez143, billabongchic, blondiebabie727, brown_eyez, c0nfidence, c0nfident, c0rner_wh0re, chasinxdaylight, cherri_lolipop, crazeebeautiful, extensions, freefallinq, frostedcheerios, h0lla_back, itsallnikki, obsessi0nz, oh_so_kute, pr3shuz, sekzi_1, strippedd_, stuckonastar, xohsosweetx, xsecret, x_sarrie, x_simplyme_x, _mistakez
Friend of:23: 2285, babiicakez143, babiidee, bigbrowneyes89, c0nfidence, chasinxdaylight, frostedcheerios, i3allet_shoes, innocentaznmami, itsallnikki, kiss_me_crazy, lilsexidezi04, lilspaz143, scarlett63, sekzi_1, strippedd_, xkillahxbarbiex, xohsosweetx, xoocandaceoox, xx__paraselene, x_sarrie, x_simplyme_x, _seduce
Member of:5: a_make0verr, disneyrawkz, icons_4_u, xblendsbaby, _allaboutme_
Account type:Early Adopter

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