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User:danradcliffe (21784)
Website:not really...
Location:London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:x dan rad (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Dan.. er.. I'm not really very exciting, but if you're a fan of mine you'll probably know all the interesting facts about me. I played Harry Potter, a boy wizard in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I don't think I look much like Harry.. well, just when I have on the glasses. ;) Be sure to also look out for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when that goes out into the cinema.

I was in David Copperfield and Tailor of Panama as well.. but those are from quite a while ago. I'm not going to bore you with anything else here so.. check out my journal, will you?

[[ OOC: I'm not really Dan.. this is an RPG. This ought to clear up a lot for you. Thanks. ]]
Interests:93: alan rickman, alexis bledel, angelina johnson, aragorn, arthur weasley, bilbo baggins, blink 182, blue, blurty, bonnie wright, brittany murphy, candy, chris columbus, chris rankin, christian coulson, communities, devon murray, dogs, dominic monaghan, dorks, draco malfoy, dueling, elijah wood, eminem, emma watson, ewan mcgregor, football, fotr, fred weasley, frodo baggins, george weasley, ginny weasley, good charlotte, graphics, gryffindor, harry potter, hedwig, hermione granger, hobbits, hogwarts, horses, icons, james phelps, jamie yeates, jason isaacs, katie bell, layouts, legolas greenleaf, legos, liv tyler, lockhart, london, lotr, lucius malfoy, magic, marcus flint, merry, molly weasley, moulin rouge, muggles, oliver phelps, oliver wood, orlando bloom, percy weasley, pimping, pippin, psp7, purple, quidditch, racing, rad, rap, red hair, red heads, richard harris, ron weasley, rupert grint, samwise gamgee, seamus finnigan, sean biggerstaff, severus snape, spells, sum 41, tom felton, tom riddle, ttt, typing, u2, uk, voldemort, wands, wizards, you
Friends:75: aliciia_keys, amanda_bynes_, an__lameche, ash_ash_olsen, axsilverstone, bigger_staff, bloomin_orli, bmurphy, bonnie_wright, brown_sound, ca5hd0gg, cammie_d, casper_punk, chipskylark, christina__r, c_brummet, c_coulson, dale_jr, drugs_kill13, elijah_wood, emma_watson, fakey_nakey, fn_maintainer, fn_pimper, hannah_wood, hayden_c, irishcolin, jake_lloyd, jamie_lynn_, jenxdelonge, jessica_x_alba, joehee, jordan_pudnik_, j__lopez, kangaroo_jack, khudson, kid_v1cious, kimberly_alexis, k_x_kreuk, lameche, lilbilly, lindslohan_, lisa_foiles, lizzie_olsen, l_tyler, matt__lovato, mest_tony, m_katie_olsen, m___mathers, natalieportmanx, pierre_b0uvier, podkapova, reese_withspoon, roro__munter, rupert_grint, ryan_phillipe, s1ckboy, schuman_mellie, sebby, simple_david, slayersarah, spaceman_lance, spearritt_, steve_nfg, stevo, sven, thurston, tommy_felton, tys_ritter, yulia_volkova, _jamie_lynn_, _leilah_, _sean, _susan_ward, _willa_ford
Friend of:59: 32, amanda_bynes_, amayita_revange, angie_carter, ash_ash_olsen, bev__mitchell, bloomin_orli, brianatripleim_, brown_sound, ca5hd0gg, clay_aiken, cuoco, c_brummet, c_coulson, dale_jr, daniel1, davidgallagher_, drugs_kill13, elijah_wood, emma_watson, fn_pimper, grlslie2, hannah_wood, irishcolin, jake_lloyd, joehee, jordan_pudnik_, kangaroo_jack, kid_v1cious, kimberly_alexis, kirstenstorms, k_x_kreuk, leslie_carterxo, lindsay_pagan0, lindslohan_, lisa_foiles, lizzie_olsen, lovedorks, l_tyler, mary_k_olsen, mest_tony, m___mathers, nuttymoo, reese_withspoon, s1ckboy, sara_ateens, sebby, simple_david, thurston, tommy_felton, tuuli_claire, tys_ritter, xo_lalaine_xo, _frankiemuniz, _jamie_lynn_, _kclarkson, _kellyosbourne, _leilah_, _nickxcarter_
Member of:1: fakey_nakey
Account type:Early Adopter

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