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Below is user information for d a n i Q u a. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:daniqua (204068)
Name:d a n i Q u a
Website:dr. f e l l a t i o
Bio:what's the deal with ME you ask? =)

weeelll....the name's danica, but folks call me dan, dani, daniQua, or even D..i dunno..i seem to have a lot of weird ass nicknames these days. anyway, so yeah, i turned seventeen (17) on January 24th, and i'm currently a (representin') junior at jlhs c/o 2004! *wo0p*wo0p*..hehe. as far as MALES go...i aint even trippin' i had love, but it didnt work out, so now, FUCK THAT haha i'm only down for chillin', no strings attatched! but if someone happens to spark an emotion, they've got me. so yeah, even tho i i dont got a man, at least i still got my GIRLS by my side! i love you guys! bbfl, and the long lost guys are the dopest! as far as interests go, im interested in whatever KEEPS me does that makes sense? so yeah..thas me, basically. feel free to add me as a friend, and i'll do the same for you. =) and if ur a MALE with an LD and a football player booty, HOLLER lol. peace out.
Interests:74: 50 cent, a tribe called quest, aaliyah, adobe photoshop, aim, american idol, andre nickatina, animal planet, ashton kutcher, babyface, beastie boys, better luck tomorrow, bob marley, boys ii men, brown sugar, busta rhymes, camels, chris rock, christina aguilera, clay aiken, clueless, common, court tv, cruel intentions, dashboard confessional, dippin' dots, discovery channel, disney channel, dmx, eminem, emo, erykah badu, freestyle, ginuwine, harry potter, hip hop, history channel, jamba juice, janet jackson, jay and silent bob, jodeci, kimberly locke, lizzie mcguire, lord of the rings, luni coleone, madonna, morris chestnut, mtv, mtv2, n.e.r.d., nick cannon, noggin, old school, ostriches, paula abdul, pharell williams, pina colada, punk'd, rasberry ice tea, reggae, ruben studdard, sean paul, slow jams, sprite, taye diggs, the 90s, the matrix, the neptunes, the osbournes, tupac, turtles, underground hip hop, vin diesel, x-raided
Friends:4: donnaj0, iveezy5io, tiffizcool, trupnay
Friend of:3: iveezy5io, tiffizcool, trupnay
Account type:Free User

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