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User:dani_wakefield (149829)
Location:United States
AOL IM:Dammit x Dani (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:dammitxdani (Add User, Send Message)
I'm Danielle Wakefield. Dani to anyone who wants my attention. I'm 16, blond, and -gasp- intelligent. Yeah, blond AND smart. Call the Feds.
I'm a Georgia-girl, born & bred...Athens will always be home to me...but I recently transferred to doveracademy because my parents think that public school is wasted on me. Heh, how right they are.
I've adjusted rather well to the pretentiousness that is Dover; even made a few friends. Hopefully, I'll manage not getting myself egged, until I graduate next year.

Best Friend: clair_leblanc
Big Brother: devon_james
Super Hero: dominik_cole
Boyfriend: jono_kennedy

[PB Carrie Stroup | This is NOT real.]
Interests:54: au, beach volleyball, celebrities, cheerleading, daniel beddingfield, dashboard confessional, dev, dicking around, dom, dorks, dressy occasions, eminem, erykah badu, faking it, flirting, fsf, geeks, georgia, gucci glasses, halters, jono, jt, lazing around, losers, lovers, matchbox twenty, music, nice smiles, pop, pop rock, porn, prom, r&b, red roses, rob thomas, rock, rpg, school, schooling, sexuality, slingbacks, something corporate, stacey orrico, stilettos, sunbathing, tanning, the beach, the parentals, the word "dorkus", tight clothes, trustcompany, vacations, vanilla coke, white pants
Friends:132: ac_ishere, admissions, alana_kyle, alayna_cole, alex_walker, alixia_summers, ally_legarde, alyssa_james, amber_summers, amelia_bourdon, andrew_layton, ariann_baker, ash_thomas, avery_march, bella_davenport, benharrington, benjamin_moore, benji_march, bennett_manning, benny_thomas, billiexhagan, blair_dimas, brayden_donahue, brenna_widows, brittany_moffit, brooke_calder, brynn_jones, calista_joshuan, calvin_donovan, carolyn_finerty, carrie_glover, charity_peach, charli_kramer, chazmere, chloe_glover, christian__, christinamartin, ciara_nelson, clair_leblanc, clark_lowry, dani_wakefield, david_taylor, deryck_tamaro, deryck_widows, devon_james, dominik_cole, doveracademy, embry_march, emily_benson, erik_beckman, erin_zavatsky, evan_waters, eva_rodriguez, fox_kennedy, gemmamadley, gideon_james, grace_verraros, gregxsmith, hilary_clarke, illiana_moore, jade_colson, jayden_elliott, jay_griffin, joe_matthews, jonathankington, jordan_punick, jordan_rankin, justin_campbell, kara_demarcus, kasha, katherinewatson, kayla_rose, kwood, kyle_steele, k_for_kaley, k_watson, lana_myers, lilly_marnay, linleyallman, logan_self, luke_watson, madeline_knight, marc_nash, marilyn_kennedy, mark_harris, marley_richards, matthew_walker, matt_canan, monica_moore, mr_mack, ms_m_kennedy, nadia_myers, natalie_kays, nathan_harkan, norah_xavier, oliver_davis, ooc, parker_kenley, phil_my_mind, raine_madden, randi_core, rayven_paradee, renae_clarks, rhett_randall, riddlerankin, riley_austin, riley_daniels, robbiej_randall, rob_northam, ryan_clarks, ryan_corst, ryan_vesey, sam_johnston, sarah_drago, sarah_hall, savannah_jones, scott_taylor, seanplaysguitar, seth_morris, seven_barclay, sydney_lane, taryn_rodriguez, tashka_martin, tate_bensen, teresa_ruez, tianna_jacobs, trenton_stand, turn_the_paige, tyler_beckham, tyson_frye, ven_mcdermont, ___ali
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