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User:dandiandigrl (240136)
Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Support your public libraries.
Memories:14 entries
Interests:122: 30 rock, a hard day's night, alice in wonderland, alison bechdel, amadeus, amphigorey, anne frank, anthony bourdain, antoine doinel, arrested development, art, banana flavors, bath products, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, ben-hur, bing crosby, black narcissus, bob dylan, bob hope, bookstores, breakfast at tiffany's, buster keaton, calvin and hobbes, captains courageous, carnivale, catcher in the rye, cats, chuck taylors, coffee, cool hand luke, criterion collection, crossword puzzles, david sedaris, dorothy parker, down by law, edward gorey, edward hopper paintings, f. scott fitzgerald, fasting, firefly, fishing with john, fitness, flip flops, french wave, futurama, gap, get fuzzy, ghost hunters, gone with the wind, guinness, harry houdini, hedwig, holy cards, i love lucy, ice cream, iowa hawkeyes, italian food, itunes, jason bateman, jeff buckley, john lurie, journaling, kids in the hall, la dolce vita, libraries, lolcats, mst3k, museums, my ipod, my nieces, night of the hunter, nine inch nails, old movies, oscar predictions, our lady of lourdes, pasta, paul newman, photography, postcards, reading, rikki-tikki-tavi, rita hayworth, road to morocco, robert mitchum, rufus wainwright, sailor jerry, saint bernadette, sarcasm, sex, sifl & olly, silent movies, some like it hot, star trek, stella artois, tattoos, text messaging, the 400 blows, the beatles, the fall, the godfather, the grapes of wrath, the great movies, the killers, the lounge lizards, the office, the olympic games, the paranormal, the road movies, the sims, the third man, the twilight zone, there will be blood, to kill a mockingbird, tom waits, tomatoes, trivial pursuit, truman capote, unshelved, vanity fair magazine, willem dafoe, writing
Friends:2: dandiandigrl, darkrose
Friend of:10: daddywarbucks, dandiandigrl, huskerdude, i_take_drugs, kelsipod, pineappleracer, r0ckslave, rancideyes, starsfade_, thewriter
Account type:Free User

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