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User:dandelion (21192)
Website:::heart on a string
Location:Texas, United States
for you i am a chrysantemum
supernova, urgent star
for you i'll be a dandelion
a thousand flowerettes in the sky
or just a drop in the ocean

what you see is what you see:
madhouses are rarely
on display.

i run pictures and horrors. stop by and take a peek!
Interests:140: 20's, 40's, 80's, absinthe, absurdism, american gods, anais nin, anatomy, anthropology, astronomy, bettie page, big comfortable beds, bitten fingernails, bones, boxes, brat pack, cabana boys, cabaret, carl sagan, catacombs, cats, chaos theory, charles bukowski, cheesy horror movies, chess, clive barker, coop, cosmos, crescent moon, criminology, cthulhu, culture, czech republic, dangermedia, dario argento, david bowie, disco balls, discordia, donnie darko, drag queens, edward gorey, eeyore, einst├╝rzende neubauten, elvis, emperor norton, existentialism, forensics, foucault, giger, glitter, godot, hagbard celine, harry houdini, history, horror, hospitals, hunter s. thompson, illuminati, insomnia, jack ketchum, jeff buckley, kill your television, koyannisquatsi, kurt vonnegut, lab coats, labs, lightning, little grizzly, logic, long slow kisses, lounge music, lycanthropy, marilyn monroe, metaphysics, minimalism, monkeys, monsters, mythology, negativland, neil gaiman, nightmares, noam chomsky, photography, physics, pin up girls, pirates, planet x, post-apocalypse, principia discordia, quantum physics, reading, real genius, red, robert anton wilson, sanrio, sarcasm, sartre, scars, schrodinger's cat, science, science fiction, secrets, serial killers, shiny things, skeletons, social engineering, sociopaths, space ghost, spank bank, sparkles, spleen, storms, surgical instruments, surrealism, swimming, t.s. eliot, the dark tower, the flip side, the godfather, the gunslinger, the maxx, the nightmare before christmas, the sopranos, the void, theda bara, thelema, thunderstorms, tim burton, toe socks, unico, upright bass, vamps, velvet, vesalius, whispering, willem dafoe, william s. burroughs, writing, z?, zombies
Friends:28: avrix, buffalogal, dandelion, dandelionfluff, disheartened, ebliss, electrocuting, fakefrench, filthking, horrors, jb, kevininatutu, le_beat, malison, meli, novadivine, ochre, oliver26, pictures, sakharov, salome, skellington454, swan, sycophant, tobefree, tragicjester, unhappy, yelhsa
Friend of:24: avrix, buffalogal, dandelion, dandelionfluff, disheartened, ebliss, electrocuting, filthking, jb, kevininatutu, le_beat, malison, meli, nefas, novadivine, ochre, oliver26, sakharov, salome, skellington454, swan, sycophant, tobefree, yelhsa
Member of:11: communities, community_ads, foundobjects, horrors, over_18yrs, photography, pictures, surveysluts, thingie, unsent, writing
Account type:Early Adopter

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