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User:dancingvixen (371388)  
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:Dansergurl12998 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Caitlin. I love my family and think my parents are great usually. I have a sister and an 11 year old dog,Sparky. I've got wonderful friends Katie S. you're my Best Friend! thanks for being there for me, we understand eachother so well I love you! Brittany,Ashley,Katie, i love u guys, we have so many memories and laughs and I hope they keep on coming.

I also love to dance. Iv'e been dancing since I was six, mostly ballet but I also do jazz and lyrical. I was in a dance co. for 5 years and won gold medals for my solo and group rutines. I'm back in the dance company and loving it!

I got a car for my 16th birthday! it's so great, it's a 99' ford contour light blue, with a tan interior. i can't wait to get my lisence in a few months.
Interests:43: 3 doors down, alf, andy dick, animals, candy, clubbing, cologne, dance, dave matthews, delias, driving, evanescence, express, friends, guys, haloween, hanging out, jewel, love, movies, nailpolish, olives, partys, pillows, pizza, pool, prank phone calls, reading, red lobster, republicans, rock n roll, scary movies, shoes, shopping, sparky, summer, swimming, talking, tv, vacations, will ferrel, world peace, writing
Friends:1: skankinsuckamf
Friend of:1: skankinsuckamf
Account type:Free User

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