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User:dancewithmee (190244)
Website:Kristen`s Page

The Basics

h i y a h!! i'm Kristen I usually go by Kris + Krissy + 10 + K but you can call me whatever ud like! i live in birchwood in larksville.. its an ok place but theres better lol.. im about 5'6ish, blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. im a freshman at wvw nd nething else? just ask *

Describing . Me
blonde; nice; sweet; fun; caring; loud; hyper; wild; crazy; friendly; beotch wen i wanna be; greenbeen; beach babe; lovable;

L ! K e s
Dancing; Friends; food; sleeping; green; aol; phone; flirting; music; clothes; movies; josh hartnett; singing; stars & moons; #10; bert lol erika; sports; fruit; ice cream; pepsi; swimming; summer; ruben!; talking; funn; candy; xo; cuddling; bikinis; flip flops; short shorts; cell phones; shopping; ben & jerrys + etc!<3

H a t e s
Smokers; sluts; whores; scary gothic people; fakes; cheaters; bugs; snobs; competition; death; spiders; blood; 2faced people; needles; snobs; baggy clothes; wannabees; wakin up early; liars; being left out; posers; loud ppl who never shut up; slow drivers; smart a$$ people; needles; neck slicings lol; + etc

Erika; Alysia; Cassie; Cari; Kayla; Cate; Marissa; Kate; Britt; Nina; Amanda; Ashley; Alena; Elena; Andrea; Megan; Kris; Jenn; Lauren; Neil; Terry; Aaron; Ian; Keith; Eric; Bob; Matt; Dave + and those r just the best!<3 iLu guys!

Get @ Me!!
email Blondie0o2 and Glitzystar07 both @ aoL aim DrinkPepsi3 and GreenBeen182

Thanx To;
_kristie for giving me this info + all my blurty gerLs who actually take the time to read about my life and comment me =) if u wanna be added here tell me!

My Journal CurrentLy
yeah FRIENDS ONLY!! but if anyone wants to be added just either comment, i'm, or email me at either Blondie0o2 or Glitzystar07 both @ aOL, k thnx

Friends:26: caboodles247, crazisexicool, dirrtyy, dreamyeyes, glossie_kissez, keepthislove, kiss_me_once, kushii, live_and_love, madd_l0ve, myrick, notfalling, orange_hoodie, pavinski, petes88, prettiibrittnii, un_attached, watch_me_fall, west_2007, wvwbasketball12, xcrushed, _care89, _dumb_brunette, _kristie, _mypaperheart, __lisa__
Friend of:15: dreamyeyes, glossie_kissez, keepthislove, kiss_me_once, kushii, myrick, notfalling, no_seatbelt00, pavinski, petes88, prettiibrittnii, watch_me_fall, wvwbasketball12, xcrushed, _dumb_brunette
Account type:Early Adopter

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