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User:dancesinflames (846285)
Name:Tandra Jane
Bio:born in new mexico which is NOT mexico for the slow people out there...lived all over michigan most of my life and have finally settled here in suburban hell, where i met the love of my life at, of all places! petsmart!! ain't that crazy? can't wait for college to end so i can move out, get my own place, get married and live my life to the fullest. (and hopefully, the richest too haha) here in chicago i formed my music foundation in 90s rock music and good old stuff that i've been listening to since childhood without really noticing it, and discovered the beautiful color black which is my favorite in the whole world :) but you knew that...
Interests:52: ancient egypt, beagles, boondock saints, cemetaries, chicago the city, chicago the movie, chinese food, dachshunds, ebay, emily the strange, exercise, foreign languages, free time, friends, giving advice, goth clothing, goth people, guns, gwen stefani, hamsters, harry potter, ice cream, italian food, jewelry, laughing, listening to people, love, music, musicals, my boyfriend, new york city, nightmare before christmas, painting, palm trees, pasta, photography, pulp fiction, purses, reading, san francisco, seeing old friends, shoes, shopping, sleeping, smiling, talking to intelligent people, the color black, the crow, tim burton, time, traveling, writing in general
Friends:2: insane_penguin, midnightmssuki2
Friend of:2: insane_penguin, midnightmssuki2
Account type:Free User

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