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Below is user information for Damrod. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:damrod_ranger (476946)
Bio:A Ranger of Ithilien, the companion of Mablung and trusted guard of Faramir.

"Do not deride the aged when you have youth, the poor when you have wealth, the lame when you are swift ... the blind though you have sight, the ill when you have strength, the dull when you are clever, the foolish though you are with wisdom. Be no too wise, too foolish, too conceited, too diffident, too haughty, too humble, too talkative, too silent , too harsh , too feeble. If you are too wise, they expect much, too foolish, you will be deceived, too conceited, you will be vexing, too humble, you will be without honour, too talkative, you will not be heard, too silent, you will not be regarded, too harsh, you will be broken,too feeble, you will be crushed."

Brief Description

Height: 6' 4"

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Green

Age: 23

[Avatar ~ David Beckham. As I really don't know much about him I just made that stuff up too lazy to go check it out in the book.]
Interests:28: arrows, bows, boxing, brooding, combat, daggers, duty, elvish, faramir, grappling irons, green things, ithilien, lembas, lurking, mystery, nature, orcs, rangers, rope, shadows, shurikens, silmarien, staffs, swords, trees, unarmed combat, weapons, wrestling
Friends:5: fair_maiden, prodigal_son, regallegolas, shadowsrpg, varda_elemmire
Friend of:4: fair_maiden, prodigal_son, regallegolas, xxsean_beanxx
Member of:1: shadowsrpg
Account type:Free User

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