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Below is information about the "damn dreams" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:damn_dreams (64897)
Name:damn dreams
About: Welcome to Damn Dreams RPG! We are a celebrity RPG. We take on the role of celebrities, we make journals as them, and we have fun. We do have rules, but they're simple ones, don't worry!

You must update at least once a week unless one of the moderators are contacted and informed. This is to prevent the community from dying. You will be removed if you do not update. We don't want this community to die off!

*You must get on AIM at least once a week also. RPG is no fun unless you get to interact with people.

*Each person may only have two characters. Leave some roles open for everyone. It's not fair if one person takes up every role.

*Keep OOC fights OOC and IC fights IC. They're two different things, don't combine them and make life miserable for everyone else.

*To keep anyone from being excluded when there are chats, name the chat Damn Chat 1. So that way you can always get in!

*OOC chats must be in brackets! [ ], ( ) or { }

*Don't kill characters. Really people, we're not animals or barbarians.

*Make sure to post somewhere in your info that it is not real. Some people don't understand that this is a game and think it's real.

*If the character you want is taken, deal with it. Pick a new one. However, if the person hasn't updated in two weeks, contact one of the moderators and we'll see what we can do.

*If you have more than one character, keep them alive! We're not placing a limit on how many character you can have, but if one person starts playing everyone then we will place one.

*No icon stealing what-so-ever. Do not use icons from any one else's journal without permission!

*Since it's too confusing, please have the journal for your character in one RPG. You can also filter your journal like Gil Ofarim has done.

*Have fun! That's the whole purpose of this RPG!

Journal: b3nj1
Aim: lastexittohell

Journal: chrissyxtina
Members:16: alessandramodel, anais_lameche__, angelccarterx, angel_ashes, b3nj1, brit_spearsxxx, chrissyxtina, evan_avril, lesliebcarterx, myaharrison, otown_dan, shazaam_josh, spiderman_tobey, stacie__orrico, xemily_vancampx, _carter_
Watched by:14: anais_lameche__, angelccarterx, angel_ashes, b3nj1, brit_spearsxxx, chrissyxtina, evan_avril, justified_jigga, lesliebcarterx, myaharrison, shazaam_josh, spiderman_tobey, stacie__orrico, _carter_
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2003-01-15 18:17:57
Date updated:2003-03-05 03:37:10, 615 weeks ago
Clients used:
Journal entries:54
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 71
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