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Below is user information for Cynical Miss Sunshine. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:cynical_sunbeam (950561)
Name:Cynical Miss Sunshine
Bio:I am me and no one else.

Eclectic is one of the many words that describe me. So is sarcastic, original, and twisted.

Everything else you will have to learn by reading my journal.
Interests:87: alice in wonderland, anime, art, athena, batman, biting, blades, bloodrayne, bonfires, books, castlevania, chains, chesire cat, claymores, dancing, danny elfman, dante, ddr, dragons, elektra, evanescence, explosions, fairy tales, fantasy, faries, final fantasy, fire, firefly, flames, flogging molly, freaks, gambit, goths, greek mythology, hades, hellsing, hi-lighters, history, horror movies, insomnium, jane austin, johnny depp, katanas, knives, lady death, leather, lord of the rings, machiavelli, manga, movies, music, norse mythology, orgy, pirates, pirates of the carribean, rammstein, rock, roleplaying, rouge, rpgs, sai, sarcasim, sci-fi, sesshomaru, shakespeare, silver, skiing, star wars, sugar, swords, system of a down, the crow, the labyrinth, the matrix, the nighmare before christmas, the sandman, three doors down, tim burton, trench coats, vampire hunter d, vampires, video games, weapons, werewolves, whips, within temptation, wolverine
Friends:2: culpa, furvus_fang
Friend of:1: furvus_fang
Account type:Free User

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