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Below is user information for -Señora del Tiempo, Diosa del Caos-. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:cyllan (842858)
Name:-Señora del Tiempo, Diosa del Caos-
Website:Fairytales From Hell's Caves
Location:Vigo, Galiza, Spain
Bio:I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before.
Interests:150: 80s, 90s, after forever, afterpunk, agnes scott, alan moore, alanis morissette, angelina jolie, animals, anime, anne rice, art, astrology, atlanta, barcelona, baseball, bipolar, bisexual, black, black pearl, blood, boots, british pop, buffy, candy, castles, cemeteries, charmed, comic books, creepy, danny elfman, darkness, death, death metal, disney, diva destruction, dog collars, dolls, dragons, dreams, dreamworks, ebay, egypt, electro dark, electro pop, elfs, elves, emily strange, emma thompson, eomer, eowyn, fairy, fairytales, fire, folk music, fucsia, galicia, gothic, gothic literature, gothic metal, gothic rock, greece, green, gustav klimt, gymnastics, halloween, hanson, hate, heath ledger, heavenly creatures, heavy metal, helsinki, hot topic, ian thorpe, ireland, isaac hanson, isabel allende, islas cies, jack sparrow, japan, johnny depp, karl urban, lacuna coil, landscapes, latex, legolas, lenore, lestat, literature, living dead dolls, london, loneliness, lord of the rings, make up, mandragora scream, manga, matt bellamy, medieval, melancholy, middle earth, motorcycling, much ado about nothing, muse, music, neil gaiman, new orleans, new rock, night, nightwish, orlando bloom, piercings, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, posters, punk rock, purple, pvc, quenya, reading, red, requiem for a dream, rock, role games, ruby gloom, sea, shakespeare, sharon den adel, shoes, shopping, silence, singing, spooky boutique, sports, stripes, switchblade symphony, tattoos, tears, tennis, terry pratchett, the sims, tim burton, tolkien, vampires, victorian age, vigo, vynil, will & grace, will turner, witchcraft, within temptation
Friends:6: azirafel, destroy_myself, jan168301, keyara, sweet_death, tindomerel
Friend of:5: azirafel, destroy_myself, pianist2000, sweet_death, tindomerel
Account type:Free User

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