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Below is information about the "CyberGoths" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:cybergoth (33141)
About:'Cybergoth' [or cyberpunk/cyberwhatever it is this week] is the latest extension of the industrial club scene. The main differences being the fashion - the look is a more futuristic neon/manga/5th element style - and the 'mood' is less stomp and more *bounce*.

Other than that the interests are similar to the usual goth/rivet/cyberpunk/geek communties, as well as being obsessed with things like cartoons [esp. 80s], laser guns, and [worryingly] kitties and lollipops. Look at the interests listed below for more of an idea.

You don't have to be a 'cybergoth' to talk here. Just have an interest in that kind of stuff.

Oh, and i know it says cybergoth but the emphasis here is really on the cyber half of the name, so try not to post overly gothic/vampire type things. thanks. ;)

(user info adapted from the old lj cybergoth community)

Please note:

# Feel free to advertise relevant events, your auctions, or post photos and such, just please use the cut feature if it's a big post or you're posting more than 1 image!

# Also, if you want to advertise your new community, website or music project, but please make it relevant!

# Don't post quiz results unless they are relevant and please use the LJ-CUT tag!

# If you're not sure what's relevant and what isn't re-read the first bit of the bio! Spooky goth stuff is not our thing here, so if you want so be oooh so SpOoKy please do so away from our flashing LEDs and plastic hair extensions. kthxbye!

link us on your journal bio page using this nifty little button!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="90" height="33" border="0"></a>

looking for a more traditional goth community? try _goth_ instead!

Interests:144: 80s cartoons, anime, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, atari, atari teenage riot, automaton, bauhaus, big boots, bjork, blade runner, blue, bubblegum culture, buffalo shoes, cabaret voltaire, cartoons, clubbing, computer games, computers, converter, covenant, cyberaktif, cybercore, cyberculture, cyberdog, cybergoth, cybergoth culture, cybergoths, cyberpunk, cyberpunk culture, darkraves, david bowie, death machine, decoded feeback, die:sekt, digimon, duran duran, ebm, einsturzende neubauten, electronic music, evil's toy, fake hair, final fantasy, flashing things, fotus, front 242, front line assembly, full tilt, funker vogt, gabba, gadgets, ganji, gary numan, geek culture, ghost in the shell, giant robots, glowsticks, goggles, goteki, goth, hackers, hair extensions, haujobb, icon of coil, industrial, industrial music, japan, japanese pop culture, jelly, jupiter, kitties, kmfdm, kraftwerk, laser guns, leather strip, leds, light sabres, lollies, make up, manga, ministry, moon boots, mp3s, narcissism, neon, new order, new rock boots, nine inch nails, nintendo, nitzer ebb, noisex, pepis, pink, pixel art, pixels, plastic hair, plastik hair, playstation, pokemon, powerman 5000, powernoise, powerpuff girls, prohibition, quake, rammstein, rivethead culture, rivetheads, rivets, scary valentine, sci-fi, sdl, sex, shiny things, silver, sique sique sputnik, skinny puppy, slimelight, sneaky bat machine, soft cell, spank, star wars, suicide commando, swear shoes, synth pop, synth-pop, synthetic hair, synthetik hair, synthpop, techno, technology, the fifth element, the matrix, throbbing gristle, trance, transformers, uv, vanity, velvet acid christ, vicky vicious, vnv nation, wigs, william gibson, wumpscut
Members:132: 1ndu57r14lw3nch, 1uckii, 1_2_3, 77pink, abusememore, adriyyah, affixedenergy, android_13, angelabsinthe, angelinbondage, angelwitch, aragwen, artemesia, artificialdusk, askani, babydoll1025, badboy84, black_katze, blueillusion, boneswww, broken_alice, calf, cancerxcore, chaotic_evil, cityofnight, commodorerock, conor, crucified, d00mw0lf, dadarocker, daelious, darkestnight, dark_love, dataangel, deceasedopfer, digitaldecay, dirty_machine, dreadfulplastik, electrocute, empireofdirt666, endymion, epsilon_zero, evadex, extinguish, extinguished, fatal_femme, flitterflutter, freakuency, funeralromance, gawth_pallor, geekygirl, graveyrdflower, grey_flower, hypnotica, industrialpixy, industryx, ixifaerydustixi, i_h8_myself, jack_bauer, jezzika666, kandyjill, keithylishus, kinda_red, kittysdeath, knownosecrets, krysis, lillith, lipsticksmearsx, lonlygothgrl, lost_emo_kidd, lucian13, magicfuzzball, maralin, maschinedoll, maschine_zeit, metaldom, meths, mikotoleonhart, missy_manics, mysery, nearly_opaque, neon_star_, nitemarefassade, nocturnalmorte, ojdocs, orphea, parad0x, perfctlyxflawed, pink_lacquered, pixelghetto, punkdorkness, quikslvr, razorsex, rotaway, saveme, seantastic, sean_connery_, shhkeepmesecret, shithead, shut, silentconfessor, silentwhore, skinnypuppy, spookylolita, steeltoed_vixen, stranjbehaviour, suckmydick, sweetmadnesss, synthetic_lust, teenagefaerie, teenagewhore, tigerxxarmy, tormented_s0ul, toxaris, toxicwh0r3, tsuroutsu, verloren, vertigen, vexen, walmartshopper, whyilaugh, wickedmizeri, xamountofwords, xdeadxstarx, xohgr, xxambrajadexx, xxhardk0r3xx, xxshouldercutxx, x_synthetik, _paper_flowers_, __corroded, __electrokittie
Watched by:62: 1ndu57r14lw3nch, 1_2_3, affixedenergy, alcoholiday, angelabsinthe, angelwitch, artificialdusk, askani, audge, black_katze, broken_alice, d00mw0lf, dadarocker, daelious, dataangel, deceasedopfer, dreadfulplastik, empireofdirt666, endymion, evadex, flitterflutter, funeralorgies, gawth_pallor, graveyrdflower, industrialpixy, industryx, ixifaerydustixi, knownosecrets, krysis, lipsticksmearsx, lost_emo_kidd, lucian13, magicfuzzball, maschinedoll, maschine_zeit, mikotoleonhart, neon_star_, nitemarefassade, ojdocs, parad0x, perfctlyxflawed, pink_lacquered, pixelghetto, quikslvr, rivitgrrrlari, rotaway, rudravena, scarsofsuicide, silentconfessor, steeltoed_vixen, suckmydick, synthetic_lust, tigerxxarmy, tormented_s0ul, toxaris, verloren, vexen, walmartshopper, whyilaugh, xamountofwords, xxambrajadexx, xxshouldercutxx
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