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Below is information about the "Cutters_Anon" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:cutters_anon (125548)
Website:*Cutters Anon*
Location:United States
About:This community is for cutters and people who may be bi-polar, depressed, suicidal, etc.

You may post anything you like here, from pictures, to stories of your experiences, your feelings, etc.

NOTE:**IF you wish to post pictures, please post a link to those pictures, rather then just post the pictures in your entry, for there are some people who may not wish to to those pictures, and those pictures may also bring harm to people, mentally, and eventually, physically.**

Interests:18: anorexia, anti-depressents, bi-polar, biting, bulimia, cutters, cutting, depression, drug abuse, drug use, drugs, mental health, razor blades, razors, scratching, self harm, sex, suicide
Members:139: 6paper_doll6, adidasred16, afireinside09, angellight, annawan, anti_hopehero, b9lymalignant, beautyxdead3, bitchmiester, blackdeath, blackelephant, bleed__broken, blo0dykisses676, bludstained, blu_eyed_dragon, bondagexbailey, brokenveins, burntlikeyou, ch0k3m3x, comfortmarie, crimsonxsooths, cryin_n_drkness, crystal_tears, cutxmexup, cyanide_slavery, daphnemay, darkness_fails, darkphenom, deadbytuesday, deadly_thoughts, death2thepixies, deathbed, deathbystar, dementedspirit, dianotherday115, diaryofamadman, dragonfly_61420, eatyourface, emochiq, envy_dead666, erykah17, eyesofweakness, faded_blackstar, fallenshadows, forgettable_me, freakshow90210, gluedsafetypins, gothic__vampire, helpinghand, hxckat88, hyperchk169, iamcorey13, imaginarygodess, im_all_yours, insaneprincess, invisiblesuka, jessielynn220, kamakazimouse, kcurlsss, killyourradio, kitt, l0vinglife, lestat_is_god, liddle_won, liljitterbitch, littleragdolll, lonechild110, lonely_kiss, loserstarrx, losing_life, lost_emo_kidd, lucks_whore, macklovesjonah, megmeg1228, midnitenarclpsy, myparentsuck, n0_h0ldin_back, nightafterthis, nixi, nkdbeautynbeast, nniikkkkii, oneshot2thehead, paintmebluex, penis_grrl, poisonedpurity, preciousuicide, punkrocker20706, raz0rxk1ss3d, razorbladestars, razorsharptears, razor_sharptear, recall_amnesia, reebz333, ryotkitten, saving_myself, seitekilove, shad0w0nthesun, shadowe, sharpie_chic, silentrebel, slitinginches, stalkerchild, starbeam, starvingforben, strawberreyfuck, suicidal_sanity, suicide_fuck, superhero_girl, swedishpancake, sweetcorruption, tainted__dreams, tastesl1kegeek4, tearsofsorrow, tessi, the_reverend, thrrnvwlsnths, time_imperfect_, torturedsoul666, tragicqueendom, trlchick, unlit, verbalassault47, vimp, violated_love, whosasking, x0morningstar0x, xbleedingblissx, xcrystalballerx, xdeadwoodx, xlostxnxalonex, xpaperxxdollx, xvintagex, xxheyxkidxx, xxuselessxx, zealiscar, _angry_nerd_, _blackrainbow, _divineagony_, _paper_flowers_
Watched by:53: annawan, anti_hopehero, bandage_girl, brokenveins, ch0k3m3x, comfortmarie, crimsonxsooths, curiously_close, daphnemay, darkness_fails, darkphenom, dementedspirit, eatyourface, emochiq, envy_dead666, fadedangel04, fallenshadows, forgettable_me, iamcorey13, imaginarygodess, insaneprincess, inutile, invisiblesuka, kamakazimouse, kitt, l0vinglife, loserstarrx, losing_life, lost_emo_kidd, lucks_whore, midnitenarclpsy, myparentsuck, nixi, punkrocker20706, razorbladestars, razor_sharptear, recall_amnesia, ryotkitten, seitekilove, shad0w0nthesun, slitinginches, superhero_girl, sweetcorruption, tessi, trlchick, vimp, wait4yesterday, wastedxawayx, whosasking, x0morningstar0x, xlostxnxalonex, xxuselessxx, _blackrainbow
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