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Below is information about the "Journal Customization Tutorials" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. Although it's open, the setting for this community is that only select users are able to post to it. To request access, contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:customization (848)  
Name:Journal Customization Tutorials
Website:Community Main Page
About:This community was created to help users customize the look and feel of their journals mainly through the use of Overrides.

Eventually, this community will include a complete listing of override tutorials for every journal style.

Users cannot post entries to this community, only those posting tutorials can. However, you can post comments to each tutorial if you feel there is something missing, or if you don't understand and we will do our best to correct the problem.

Please don't request help in comments, on customization volunteers' personal journals or their personal e-mail If you do, your request will not be answered.

Click on the links provided for that purpose - this will ensure that we see them! This way we can keep requests organized and get them posted in order of importance. Thank you.

All questions and help requests should be directed to the Support Area.

If you have an interest in volunteering to contribute tutorials, or you have a tutorial request, feel free to contact us.
Memories:12 entries
Interests:8: customization, help, journal settings, lessons, overrides, styles, tutorials, volunteering
Members:167: 072487, 2punk__rok4diz, aaron_law, allie, anaideia, angelwitabong42, aradtech, asciident, babygurl1106, beautifulrose, bertho, bleakxtears, blu, bombflower, br0ken_s0ul, braindrain, bratz, bubba_cola, cam, clairedc, clumsyheart, cooky_monstah_, cristina24, defeated_starr, dreamnstorm, drowningemo, eccentric_brat, embracing_fate, emica2007, empyreal, endwithyou, epichonor, erika, erin, erupted, escapeintosleep, esoteric_heart, fallenxtooxdeep, firebreather, fts, furtive, f_it, gazingdarkness, get_over_it, girlissullen, girl_friday, gl0zzy, goomah, greentea, gwyn, highway, hot2trot, hourglass, id_h82bu, ihaveaheadache, incrediblenoise, incubuskitten, invdrzeb, invisigoth, ism, i_am_the_movie, jackola, jan168301, jess, jessica_pinky, jesusmademe, jo_munch, junipersdelight, kaolla, keithylishus, kiiss_mee, killermuffin, killthefurbees, krazii_girl017, lady_ayana, lalindsey, liddle_x0_sarah, lilah_morgan_wh, lillith, littlemskitten, lossforwords89, lotusblossom, loveshaped, lushglamourette, m, magiciangirl, marie, mbs, miaow, michi, miss_farmer, miss_pjs, moroboshist, muffledscreams, notsodumblonde, nuclearwinter, otowngirl326, pakeroo, paper_clip, paris__inflames, phoena, piink_kyss, pleasedonteatme, prohibition, prozac_27, punkprincess, raquel, rub1x3d, ruby_soho, sarah__x0, saygoodbye, scarlingfan, serax, sew, shanereaction82, sheep4859, singinangel1287, sj, soccerxbacon, spyderpixie, stephietron, superlittlegirl, svveets, sweetaibou, syphilis_cake, tanfreak, taunted, tempest, tenjou_utena, test_dummy, thecircularfile, thezlez913, tigerflame, transit21, tripoverfeet, twanger, urbanfemale, venusga, volleyoccer2006, winthorpe, woolgather, wspnut, x0danamana, xcrazeex, xdonthatemex, xkittyrawr, xlickthebloodx, xonepunkchickx, xpoohxbearx, xshiiver, xtremesaints, xxinnocence72xx, xxkorn6freakxx, xxpray, x_dark_skull_x, x_eah_baby, x_smile_x, yami_no_yuugiou, yay, yinrycher, young_hopeless1, yukimooki, _adorkable, _babiidoll, _betrayal_, _dreamz, __dirtystars__
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Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2002-10-16 12:05:14
Date updated:2004-06-07 21:48:26, 549 weeks ago
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Journal entries:21
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