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User:curiously_close (99417)
Name:Heart Broken
Location:levittown, United States
AOL IM:lilhoney121 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:this is my other journal i dont update really that often
Memories:4 entries
Interests:120: a new found glory, a static lullaby, aim, antisocial, back pack, bad boys, balls, bile, bitch, black, black eye liner, black hair dye, black make up, blink 182, blood, blues clues, bondage pants, bunk beds, bunnies, care bears, crazy people, crimson, crying, cum, cuts, cutters, cutting, dashboard confessional, death, depression, devil, earrings, evanescence, friends, fucking around, fuzzy handcuffs, glitter, goldfinger, good charlotte, goth, guys, hand cuffs, hanging, happiness, happy bunny, harry potter, hate my mom, hoodies, horror movies, hot topic, i hate you, jack off jill, kissing, kittie, knives, korn, legally blonde, linkin park, lonleyness, magnolia, make up, making out, mistresses, multiple personalities, murder dolls, music, my little pony, pale complexion, pentagrams, phone, pink, pissing razors, pj bottoms, plaid skirts, plastic bracelets, platforms, poets, punk, rape, razor blades, razors, reading, rob, rufio, safety pins, saves the day, scarlet, scars, screaming, sense fails, sex, sex stories, sharp objects, shoes, showers, simple plan, skirts, sleeping, slip knot, something corporate, strange land, strawberry gashes, sugarcult, suicide, system of a down, tape, tears, the ataris, the get up kids, the used, the virgin suicide, thongs, three days grace, toying with internet pervs, ufo pants, water ice, whips, whores, witch craft, writing
Friends:100: 0bscene_design, ad0rable__, adorable_me, audras_icons, band_icons, barelybreathing, black_kitty, boys_suck, br0ken_kiss, bubble_yum, cemetary_slut, ch3rrykiss3s123, crazycarley, cutmeintopieces, cutmypride, cutters_anon, darkdreams311, dark_icons, delicate_rose, disturbedxsoul, emily_strange, enchiladas, fatal_tears, fatkidanonymous, freak_kid, getpretty, gies_works, glittradrnedsky, graphic__wh0re, graphix_, h3art_brok3n666, haato_no_kuraku, heartbr0_kenxq, hella_quotes, hornyman15, hug_a_fat_kid, iconicwhore, icons, icons_, icons_4_u, iicherrylipzii, iin0centh0ughtz, iizsam, ilikepie420, i_hate_blurty, jamminjay, jennywah, justiniscool, l0llip0ps, lfesx666, liddleladii69, liesthatyoulove, lilhottie69, lil_0ne, lustforblood, lyricsnquotes_, lyrics_thoughts, make_n_take, markyd, mehhh, midnightbreeze, mohawk_boy, morbidillusion, morbid_icons, mother_fucker, murderworks, nocturnalmorte, o0o0_0o0o, ourquotes, pained_fucker, psychoxx, purplenurple, quizzrz, quotable, quotes, quotes_, rebelliousprep, rubix_cube, scenting, stained_panties, starletz, stuff_for_ya, sullenspirited, teenaqexriot, tormented_soul, tornprincess696, twiztid_dreamz, whycut, xbemystarx, xdeathtrapx, xgravexwisdomx, xpoeticdreamsx, xspankmeharderx, xsweetbloodx, xxnermexx, xxno1lovezmexx, x_estrella_x, x_free_shit_x, _bleeding_icons, _icon_addiction
Friend of:36: ad0rable__, angelz_song28, black_kitty, blue_to_gray, br0ken_kiss, breakin, bubble_yum, cutmypride, deepdepression, fatal_tears, grungemuncher, haato_no_kuraku, heartbr0_kenxq, hidd3n_t3arz, hornyman15, iin0centh0ughtz, iizsam, jamminjay, justiniscool, liesthatyoulove, lustforblood, markyd, morbidillusion, o0o0_0o0o, psychoxx, rebelliousprep, scenting, stained_panties, sullenspirited, to0_abn0rmal, tormented_soul, xbemystarx, xspankmeharderx, xsweetbloodx, _b0icrazie_, _delicious_
Member of:7: anti_avril, cutmeintopieces, fuck_the_world, homework, icons, icons_, quotable
Account type:Early Adopter

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