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Below is user information for Becky. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crywadew (748539)
Location:United States
Interests:110: 11/11, accents, an insomniac's nightmare, animals, aragorn, arwen, ash wednesday, badgers, bag end, being cheeky, berlin, beta readers, billeh, billy, billy boyd, billy boyd fanfiction, book of lost tales, boromir, celeborn, cry baby, deep impact, dom monaghan, dominic monaghan, dwarves, edward, edward scissorhands, elf, elf fanfiction, elijah wood, elijah wood fanfiction, elrond, elves, elvish, ents, entwives, eomer, eowyn, fanfic, fanfiction, faramir, fellowship of the ring, ffi, flipper, frodo, frodo baggins, gaffer, galadriel, gimli, gondor, hamfast gamgee, hobbiton, hobbits, hugh jackman, ice storm, j.r.r. tolkien, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, legolas, legolas fanfiction, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lothlorien, lotr fanfiction, luthien, meriadoc brandybuck, merry, miranda otto, mithrandir, natural born killers, ned kelly, orlando bloom, orlando bloom fanfiction, orli bloom, orli fanfiction, orli fiction, peter jackson, pippen, pirates of the caribbean, plot bunnies, plot bunny, plot swapping, pyro, return of the king, ringwraiths, rivendell, rogue, rohan, sam gamgee, samwise, samwise gamgee, shadowfax, silmarillion, sindarin, steward of gondor, strider, the nine, the one ring, the silmarils, the two towers, theoden, tim burton, tolkien, treebeard, unfinished tales, viggo mortensen, wade walker, wolverine, writing, x-men, x-men united
Friends:6: deppfans, depp_fanatics, depp_fans, lotr_r_p_g, treschic424, _scissor
Friend of:2: kill_me17, treschic424
Member of:4: deppfans, depp_fanatics, depp_fans, lotr_r_p_g
Account type:Free User

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