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Below is user information for [[die young and save yourself]]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crystal_tears (150704)
Name:[[die young and save yourself]]
Location:United States
Interests:150: adema, all american rejects, alternative rock, anerexia, anorexic, armbands, bad habits, bipolar, bisexual, biting, black, blades, bleeding, blood, bondage, break down, chains, chocolate, coal chamber, code red, cold, concerts, crying, cuts, cutting, cutting wrists, dark, death, death metal, dedicate live, depression, disturbed, dope, drained, drinking, dying hair, emo, erasing, evanescence, fading away, fake, finch, fire, fishnet, flames, freaks, fuse, gashes, gothic, guys wearing makeup, hairdye, handcuffs, hanging, hardcore, heartbreak, heartbroken, heavy metal, hot pink, hot topic, hurt, icons, imx, incense, ink, insane, jack off jill, killswitch engage, kittie, knives, layouts, licking, linkin park, lipgloss, loneliness, lonely, loner, losing weight, meow, misery, morbid, moshpits, murderdolls, music, nightime, numb, outcast, overdose, pain, painted nails, pentacles, pentagrams, piercings, pills, pinching, pleasure, poetry, poison, psycho, pulling hair, punk, punk rock, rain, razorblades, red, rings, rock music, sadness, safety pins, scars, scratching, self inflicted pain, self mutilation, shaggy hair, sharp objects, skater boys, skitzo, slipknot, slit wrist theory, smeared eyeliner, smoking, something corporate, spells, spikes, spikey hair, strawberry gashes, stripes, studs, suffering, suicidal tendencies, suicidal thoughts, suicide, switchblades, taking back sunday, tarot, tasting blood, tears, thrice, thursday, torment, torture, tyson, underground, vintage, vinyl, voices, weak, wiccan, witchcraft, wristbands, zippers
Friends:93: alltearsshatter, am_i_l0nely, aphonic, avril_princess, beaupy, beautiful_pain, bleed__broken, bloodcoverdlips, bloodierose, blue_to_gray, boobookitty_fuc, chaotic_past, coverxgirl, crystalclear666, dani3gurlxx, darkphenom, dildo, dressx2xdepress, drownedinsorrow, duh, dyingwaffles, eissak, emo_kiss, emo_tionalx, girly64, gumball, heart_broken_x3, heavendaizerjen, hiiickey, iambunny, ilovebenji, incubusx, insanepsyc0btch, ir73hh4x, italian_angel34, kels, libra239, littleredrocket, lost_latin_teen, luckystarz04, makemeyourown, melissabaybee, mother_fucker, music_addict, nkdbeautynbeast, nosecondchance, ohserena, opinionated, phatty_girl_413, poisonedpurity, sami1486, shimmery_tears, slicendicechica, sluttyprincess, son_ambulance, speciallady52, splash_diva, starryskyz, starxtear3d, still_l0vin_y0u, summergirl2687, sweet_smilee_xo, t0rrid_, tearsdry, theqirl4you, the_urban_fairy, true2b, vacantcartridge, venomstrike, verbalassault47, volatile__ghost, w0oh0o, wasted_u_away, x0xlildeex0x2, xbl00dywishesx, xbonitapunkx, xcrimsonkissesx, xgcriotgrlx, xhemorrhagex, xixburnxmyselfx, xjassitax, xolovinvinxo, xscarred_tearsx, xstar_burn, xturnthepagex, xxmadisonxx, xxxsexiipunk, x__broken__x, zadroga_n, _darkrogue_, _goth, _kristyn, __curbcore
Friend of:71: alltearsshatter, am_i_l0nely, aphonic, avril_princess, baybee_gurlie, beautiful_pain, bebe_imaqe, blankcartridge, bloodcoverdlips, bloodierose, blue_to_gray, boobookitty_fuc, coverxgirl, dani3gurlxx, darkphenom, dildo, dressx2xdepress, drownedinsorrow, duckero0, duh, dyingwaffles, eissak, emo_kiss, emo_tionalx, girly64, gumball, hiiickey, iambunny, iflovebeblind, ilovebenji, italian_angel34, kels, libra239, liddlelessii, littleredrocket, lost_latin_teen, luckystarz04, makemeyourown, melissabaybee, nosecondchance, ohserena, opinionated, phatty_girl_413, reach4thestarrs, sadangle, sami1486, slicendicechica, sluttyprincess, starxtear3d, sweet_smilee_xo, tearsdry, the_urban_fairy, true2b, vacantcartridge, venomstrike, volatile__ghost, w0oh0o, wasted_u_away, x0xlildeex0x2, xbonitapunkx, xgcriotgrlx, xhemorrhagex, xolilangelxo, xolovinvinxo, xscarred_tearsx, xturnthepagex, xxxsexiipunk, x__broken__x, zadroga_n, _goth, _kristyn
Member of:14: adopt_a_rocker, beautiful_goths, claimyourband, cutters_anon, em0dorkz, emolyrics, hardcore_metal, non_anas, psychward, queen_of_knives, self_harm_help, suicidal_idea, _dollface_, __depression__
Account type:Early Adopter

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