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Below is user information for ♥ j e n n y ♥. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crimsonxbanshee (288083)
Name:♥ j e n n y ♥
Website:LiveJournal Account
Location:West Covina, California, United States
AOL IM:SlytherinDRAG0N (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 334812487 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:SlytherinLupine (Add User, Send Message)

*j E n N y ' S ♥ I n F o *

qualities~ lovely, unique, really happy, evil
language~ english, shanghainese, chinese, french
ethnic group~ chinese, egyptian, japanese
hobbies~ snowboarding, playing mahjongg
instrument~ piano
fave color~ any shade of green
fave palindrome~ A SANTA AT NASA
fave game~ yoshi's story, frogger
fave cartoon~ simpsons & courage the cowardly dog
fave word~ phatty =D
fave candy~ chili strawberry candy, chokato lollys
fave food~ fish in a dish, with trish, DELISH!
obsessions~ harry potter stuff for now
what is sexy~ being tall, dark, sly, and evil
what is annoying~ ppl bringing guitars to school

Interests:144: adult swim, aerodynamite, aerosmith, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, altoids, angst, anime, anything japanesey, aqua, autumn, batman beyond, being distraught, being nice, biking to marukai, boba tea, bonbons, boxing gloves, british accents, bub, bunnies, burninator, candy, cartoons, cheat, chess, chocolate, chokato, christian coulson, classical jazz, cookies, cosmic, courage, courage the cowardly dog, cream soda, dance dance revolution, daydreaming, double-sided tape, draco malfoy, dragons, eating, evil, fantasy, feeding the ducks, fleece, fluffy puff marshmellows, french stuff, friends, frogger 2, frosting, gameboy advanced, green tea ice cream, holy crap, homestar, homestar runner, ice cream, ikea, jade stones, jareth, jellybeans, jet li, john mayer, junk food, kawaii, king of town, kitties, kiwi, kogepan, korean stationery, kylie minogue, labyrinth, lollipops, lucius malfoy, magic, manga, marzipan, meep, meiji snacks, melonade, my mashi-maro earmuffs, my scarves, nimbus 2001, nintendo, no doubt, oliver wood, parseltongue, parties, peaches, pizza, pleasant dreams, pocky sticks, pokemon, pom-pom, potente potions, prada, pretty pens, puff, quiet times, rain, rejoice shampoo, rock, roxy stuff, russell wong, sales, santa monica shops, sappy chickflicks, severus snape, shakira, shanghai, sharp objects, singing in the rain, sleeping, snowflakes, sparkly gel pens, strawberries, strong bad, strong mad, strong sad, studying viruses, sugar, summer nights, sunflower seeds, sunny days, sushi, techno, teen girl squad, the cheat, the joy luck club, the royal flush gang, tofu, tom marvolo riddle, trip machine, trogdor, vanilla, wandering around, watermelon, weezer, white chocolate, winter accessories, winter mornings, wonderland, wong faye, x-men,
Friends:2: friends_lj, xslytherinx
Member of:2: friends_lj, xslytherinx
Account type:Free User

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