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Below is user information for a scarred angel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crimson_lyrics (163337)  
Name:a scarred angel
Location:United States
Bio:i am an anonymous girl, wishing to stay that way for the time being cos' i've been hurt too much and trusted too easily. this journal is my refuge, a place where i will post honestly about my life and the things that affect me. this journal may contain descriptions of abuse, please read with caution. i am a survivor, i am a whole being... please do not berate me or use this as a means to hurt me. posts will be mainly friends-only but i'll add just about anyone as long as we have some things in common and your are respectful.
Interests:61: angels, ani difranco, animal rights, berries, blue, breathing, cape cod potato chips, champagne, cheese, cherry red, chick flicks, chick music, chipped nail polish, compassion, cranberry juice, creamer, creative, crimson, cutter, depression, eating disorders, everwood, fake accents, fake eyelashes, fire, flowers, hugs, inner children, inner peace, laughter, love, mail, maya angelou, near to my heart, open minds, passionate mistakes, pocket watches, poetry slams, pro-choice, punk rock, rape survivors, riot grrrl lyrics, scars, singing, smoking, snuggling, soakie, soul mates, spaghetti sauce, sparkles, starwatching, stuffed animals, survival, tea, tears, teddy bears, the game of life, thruth or dare, tired, writing, zines
Friends:11: candy_hearts, craftyass, kannan, keyke, korslite, lyrica, shyandquiet, simplyso, starmiranda, supersaturated, trickymartin
Account type:Early Adopter

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