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User:crimson_izayoi (889588)
Name:Let's Put An End... The Final
Location:Cambridge, United Kingdom
AOL IM:aypckyaddct (Add Buddy, Send Message)
I am an anime whore, I love it and that's an essential if you want to be a part of my life. My favourite anime's include :

Ghost in the Shell;
Angel Sanctuary;
Yami no Matsuei;
CardCaptor Sakura
Gundam Wing;
Escaflowne and there are many more...I am not biased when it comes to anime, I will watch any anime and voice my opinion.

I am also a fan of the RPG Final Fantasy and I <3 Kuja.


I love yaoi and being an author of such a fandom gives me great pleasure and also reading other people's work gives me great enjoyment.


This is my other main love, Japanese Rock and Pop music. Again, I will sample any kind of music and I am not merely a fangirl, I respect the artists for not their image but also for their music, vocal talent and composition. To be a true fan of music one can not merely respect image but it is collective teamwork of the band that makes an album so enjoyable to listen to. (See below for my preferred bands).

I have a one true love in my life that overrides any other (aside from my family) and that is Scarlet. Yes, as you may be able to tell from my name I am a female, but this is my girlfriend who I love devotedly despite the long distance.

Full Name: Sarah E. Hall
Birthdate: 06/19/????
Food: Pasta!
Obsession: J-Rock, J-Pop, yaoi & Scarlet! ^ ^;;;
Pride: Writing and having a beautiful girlfriend.
Love: Scarlet!!! <3 <3 <3
Home: My bedroom.
Color: A-K-A-I.
Worst feature: Jealousy.
Best feature: Heart.
Rumors: I am a Greb apparently X_O
Family: Mother, Mother's Boyfriend, brother.
Pets: Kyo! (My catfish)
Nicknames: Hallie.
Interests:137: +d'espairs ray+, 12012, aa!, acidman, ah! my goddess, ai kago, ai orikasa, aikawa nanase, aiko, aim, air, alicenine, alkaline trio, amber pacific, american rock, angel dust, antique cafe, art school, asian kung-fu generation, audrey hepburn, aya, aya matsuura, ayumi hamasaki, b'z, balloons, baroque, bisexuality, boa, buck-tick, by-sexual, cali#gari, card captor sakura, chachamaru, chemistry, chobits, dahlia, day after tomorrow, day-break, die, dir en grey, do as infinity, dragon knights, dream, due'le quartz, evanescence, eve of destiny, every little thing, fake, fiction, fool's mate, fra foa, gackt, glay, globe, gothic, gravitation, gundam wing, h.r. giger, haruhiko ash, heath, hide, hide with spread beaver, homosexuality, inu yasha, j-pop, j-rock, japan, juka, kagerou, kagrra, kami, kaoru, kazuno, kisaki solo project, klaha, koda kumi, kokia, kozi, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, laputa, luna sea, magic knight rayearth, malice mizer, mana, mari yaguchi, marilyn monroe, masa, merry, metronome, milk, miyavi, moi dix mois, morning musume, move, nick knight, nightmare, noir, pata, penicillin, perfect blue, pierrot, plastic tree, pre-raphaelite, psycho le cemu, raphael, razed in black, ren, schwarz stein, see-saw, shazna, shela, shinya, shoxx, shulla, sophia, stephen king, syndrome, tetsu69, toshi, toshiya, two mix, utada hikaru, uv, vanessa mae, vidoll, violet uk, w-inds, x japan, x/1999, yaoi, yoshiki, you, yuri, yu~ki, zilch, zone
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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