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Below is user information for Blue Flame. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crazyredrd (528705)  
Name:Blue Flame
Location:Hueytown, Alabama, United States
AOL IM:Rachblue17 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Im Rachel (RED)! I have red hair, and I love it alotta! ( I used to hate it) I go to ODC (Open Door Church) Im on the praise team @ church and also in the youth band even though none of us are youth anymore! I even love to speed skate, believe it or not Im perdy good! OH YEAH I am! My favorite colors are blue and black, I love some flames!!!!! I am very opinionated, I dont mean to be, its just the way Iam, Im not mean, Im just very sarcastic and I like to say what I think (sometimes) LOL-! Also I love my Jesus! I am a sold out christian and Im proud of it, I know I have messed up alot, but its all good with the BOSS, Im so proud to be with him!!! "The more I follow him, the sweeter it gets....."
Interests:92: andrew w. k., animals, austria, avenged sevenfold, bear vs shark, being a christian, being myself, being original, being spontaneous, beloved, black, black and white pictures, black hair, blue, blue eyes, blue flames, blue hair, brown hair, btbam, cats, cave 9, cave in, cheese, church, clothes, cold, coldplay, creating my own designs, die radio die, dillinger escape plan, dogs, dr. pepper, dreaming of the fifth, evelyn, evergreen terrace, eyebrow piercings, eyeliner, eyes, family, finch, flames, florida, friends, from autumn to ashes, gatlinburg, glassjaw, green eyes, guys, guys with plugs, hardcore music, horses, incubus, jacks (woop woop lol), jesus, laughing, love is red, me, mountain dew, my hair, new york, norma jean, old american dream, pictures, piercings, plugs, prodigy, rats, raw food, shows, singing, snakes, snow skiing, speed skating, spiked hair, spikes, starbucks, stilettos, stretch arm strong, sushi, tattoos, the beach, the juliana theory, the red chord, this day will burn, thursday, tigers, underoath, vis a vis, wild hair, winter, working, you
Friends:10: cantreachlove, confuzed421, fell_too_fast, i_heart_michael, laclou, sallyjane504, tiredanlonely, unspokenxwords, urmyshunsine, xshizonyoux
Friend of:6: confuzed421, fell_too_fast, laclou, laftrkillz418, tiredanlonely, unspokenxwords
Account type:Free User

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