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User:crazypineapple (543416)
Name:xO `Ashlee` xO
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
AOL IM:BabyBluEyes1989 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
About Me

Howdy and welcome to my journal! My name is Ashlee and I have about a million nicknames but tha ones that people call me the most are Ash and Ashes. My brithday is December 17 and I'm 13 years old. I was born in Orlando, FL and I currently live in Longwood, Florida. I'm in 8th grade at Rock Lake middle. I do have a boyfriend and he is the greatest guy in the entire world! I love you Kyle! When you get to know him hes one of the sweetest guys in the whole wide world! =) My favorite color is pink + purple + blue. My favorite food is peanut butter + pineapple. I have dirty blonde hair that i constantly straighten >:o and I have blue eyes and I'm 5`7. I have a sister. Her names Courtnie. She has been making my life miserable for 8 long years. My favorite actors are Ashton Kutcher + Paul Walker. The music I listen to is purdy much anything. I pretty much like anything ranging from The All-American Rejects to 50 Cent. My favorite band is The All-Amercan Rejects and Dashboard Confessional. My two favorite singers are Celine Dion and Michelle Branch. Thats all for now. Thanks for visiting!

things that make me happy!

kisses + lipgloss + fuzzy pj pants + gold stars + stickers that dont leave sticky stuff behind + my compact + journals + friends + kyle + movies + cherry coke + pizza + pretty hair + getting notes + colorful pens + fridays + belly buttons + hugs + skittles + getting contacts in on the first try + nicknames + inside jokes +laughing + M n Ms + balloons +fat markers + substitutes on test days + pina coladas + Glow In The Dark Candles + my pillow + slip n slides + my favorite pencil + pink + new eyeliner + phone + sweet tea

things that make me sad...

people that make fun of other people + when u love someone so much and they dont care + zits + spiders + finger nails across a board + liars + burning your finger + heahaches + school + Mrs. Meherg + missing the bus + spilling stuff on your new jeans + ignorant people + people that talk shit and dont back it up + chipped teeth + dry skin + failing + fake blonde hair + having to pee really bad and not being able to go + urge to kill someone + the need for drugs + people who use me + ugly people + when ur best friend isnt there for u when u need her/him most + animals that are super skinny + people that dont like me + science projects + being lonely + my mom + cramps + when u wait forever for ur song to come on the radio and u turn it off for 10 min and it comes on while ur gone

stalk me
IM * babyblueyes1289
PHONE * 407*831*8936
JUST * Leave a comment
Interests:104: a walk to remember, abercrombie 8, abercrombie and fitch, afi, aim, all american rejects, ashton kutcher, astrology, beach, beavers, bowling for soup, boys, brownies, candy corn, cars, cats, cheese, cheesecake, chick flicks, chis, christina aguliera, clear mascara, clothes, cotton candy, crying to sleep, cucumbers, cuddling, cupcakes, dr pepper, eggs, elmo, eminiem, er, fake fish tanks, fire, flavored lip gloss, friends, goldfish (the food), green day, guys colonge, halloween, holding hands, horoscopes, josh hartnett, kisses in the rain, kittens, kyle, lauren, lighters, lips, makeup, mandy moore, mrs. doubtfire, mtv, mustangs, my dog, nascar, no doubt, parties, phones, photos, piercings, pineapple, pink, pools, punk`d, puppies, purple, random "i love you's", real world, reeses peanut butter cups, roses, scary movies, shane west, sharp things, shoulders, simple plan, slow songs, smiles, sparkles, spas, spongebob squarepants, squirrels, stairs, starbucks, stars, strawberries, sublime, sugar, sugarcult, sunflower seeds, sunglasses, sunsets, swing sets, teady bears, teeth, the ring, the shining, the used, tinkerbell, trampolines, vanilla, water, watermelon
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Account type:Free User

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