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Below is user information for _B r O k E n _ h E a R t_. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crazybtchpsycho (9459)
Name:_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_
Website:My Ujournal
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Bio:++( BASiC 411 ON ME)


x Name x - Nisha (not really, it's my most common Nickname)

x Nicknames x - Nisha, RanRan, Rani, Bitch, Piggy, Nishie, Nish, NishaNisha, Crazy, Unstable, Unstable Creature, Heffa, Shorty, Midget, Troll, Tiny Tim, Nome, Little One, Half-Pint, Shorty By Nature, Little Bit, Short Stuff, Johnny, Scary Spice, Grenada, Rude Gal, Scissors, Bunstale, Sorro, Peemouth.

x Birth place x - Grenada. If you don't know where that is, it's a little island in the Caribbean

x Current Location x - If you look up, you'll see that I live in Brooklyn. I've been living in here for about 8 or 9 years, which means I left Grenada 8 or 9 years ago.

x Status x - I'm currently single, and have been since I was born. I'm hating every last bit of it, especially since everyone around me has someone who they love and who loves them, and I'm the only one left alone. All I want is to find someone who will love me and makes me feel special. But apparently, that's only in my fairytale life.

x School x - I'm currently attending Clara Barton which is a school for Health Professions. My school was an all girls school back in the days, but now it's like 95% girls to 5% boys. I'm currently enrolled in the Medical Assisting program in which I'll be certified as a Medical Assistant at the end of the school year.

x What I Look Like x - I'm very short, with blackish/dark dark brown eyes, with natural (no perm) hair that reaches the middle of my back..when it's not straightened or been through it's heating process of being under a hair dryer for 1 hour, then blow-dried, then flat ironed, then ran through with a pressing comb, then flat ironed again, then finished up with the curling iron (you get the deal).

x Best Friends x - Kimberly aka Kim - My best friend since 7th grade. I love her like the big sister I never had.
Stephen aka Stephi- Kim's "boyfriend".
Richard - Also Stephen's Best friend since Junior High school.

x Extra Info x - As of June 26, 2002, I'm currently a big sister to a preety 7 month old girl named Anisha. She is my only sibling and I love her to death, and I will always love her.

x Music Preference x - I'm not really prone to one specific genre. I give everything a try. But I mainly listen to pop, r&b, contemporary music, Soca, Calypso, oldies, slow jams and mostly music about love or some sort. No, I'm not in love with anyone, it's just the type of music I grew up listening to.

x Hobbies x - I don't really have any. I'm just usually on the computer, listening to music. I use to be on the phone constantly with the last 2 friends listed above, but I'm in an 'ackward' situation with the second friend so I'm not on the phone THAT much anymore. Just a tad bit less. Also, I'm kinda getting into the habit of writing poetry. I'm not that good, but it's sort of a way to express myself to..myself. (if that makes sense)

x More About Me x
- I'm sheltered
- I hate people
- I don't like being around people
- I like to be by myself but I don't like to be single.
- I have issues about looking at myself in the mirror
- I hate myself.
- I suffer from low self esteem
- I'm a good listener
- I'm not easily offended, rather, easily hurt
- I tend to get my feelings hurt a lot
- I don't like compliments
- I'm overly shy
- I'm not at all assertive
- I have a tendency of keeping everything to myself
- I put other people's needs before my own.
- I was once addicted to coffee
- I bite my finger nails involuntarily
- I'm a hopeless romantic
- I'm a daydreamer, but not a believer
- I feel like I have no purpose on this planet. Like I'm just here wasting oxygen.
- I'm not at all persistent
- If there's anything I want, and it seems out of my league, I leave it alone.
- I see everything in a black and white term, there's no gray in the middle. It either is, or isn't.

x Lyrics That Best Describes Me x - " Find Me A Man " - Toni Braxton
I'm just a girl
that doesn't like the thought of being alone
I need to be loved and held real close.
I'm the type of girl
that needs to be caressed and kissed so soft.
Interests:56: 112, 50 cents, aaliyah, aol, backstreet boys, ballads, beenie man, boys, boyz ii men, brandy, calypso, caribbean, case, computer, crying, dmx, dru hill, dubbing, dubbing with boys, eminem, flutes, freaking it, friends, grenada, grinding, grinding on boys, instruments, internet, jagged edge, jay-z, k-ci & jo-jo, lil kim, linkin park, love, love songs, mariah carey, music, p diddy, pop, r kelly, r&b, rap, reggae, romance, saxophones, sean paul, singing, slow jams, soca, south park rally, superhumans, tallpree, traveling, wayne wonder, wbls, will smith
Friends:20: babi_skittlez, blazin_blurties, confession, frozen_hearts, hellokitty69, iloveny, irresistiible, lovehurts, love_hurts, newfriends, pink_carnation, remixof1983, sextips, unsent, unspoken_truth, wanna_be_friend, wateraddiction, wordzunspoken, xohsosweetx, xturnthepagex
Friend of:9: babi_skittlez, hellokitty69, iloveny, irresistiible, pink_carnation, wateraddiction, wordzunspoken, xohsosweetx, xturnthepagex
Member of:10: blazin_blurties, confession, frozen_hearts, lovehurts, love_hurts, newfriends, sextips, unsent, unspoken_truth, wanna_be_friend
Account type:Early Adopter

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