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User:crazy_punksk8tr (32861)
Website::+:+: *Skitz Page* :+:+:
Location:Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:ooskitzbabie69oo (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:skitz_babie69 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:ixisk8erbabie69ixi
:+: Name :+:
*Sarah .. but some people call me Skitz + Sk8er Bitch + Crazii + Dork + Smart ass + Bitch + Horrible + Sexy + Cutie + Sweetie + Avril + Harley Quinn + Some others*

:+: Location :+:
*Pottstown/Pottsgrove/Sanatoga .. This place sux.. its so BORING! i hate it here so much!.. i cant wait to get da fuck out of here!.. damn it!...*

:+: Sexx :+:
*Punk Ass girl*.

:+: <33Statz<33 :+:
*Single and yet happy and sad.. I love being single but i wish i was wit him and i know ill never get him again!.. i miss u hun!

:+: Occupation :+:
*Sophmore@PHS! I hate our DAMN SCHOOL! it sux! + Horrible Teenager lolz + Daughter + Sister + Bestfriend + JOBLESS punk girl + but soon a job somewhere cuz i need MONEY!

:+: Hobbiez :+:
*Chillen w. Friends + Partyin + Playin Pool + Drinkin + Smokin + Being wit dat SOS +Chillen wit Doug + all dem.. at the hall..+ Sk8en + Gettin in Trouble + Being out past curfew + Shoppin + Goin to the Mall + Going to the movies + Chillin in Woodgate w. Josh+Trent+James+Rich+Karly+ED+Maria + Being Horrible + Makin Fun of Preps + Talkin on Aol + n wat ever the fuck i want to do!

:+: ShOuTz :+:

*Johnny aka "My Babie Boy"*- Hey hun... THank u soooo much for helpin me out lately wit everything.. u are one of my bestfriends.. u can ALWAYS make me smile.. i dont know where i would do without u by my side!.. i love hanging out wit u and everything... UR my babi boy and im ur babi grl!.. aafe!.. Dont worry im always here for u hun.. love ya!

*Josh aka. "Poser Sk8er boy!"*- I honestly dont know wat to freakin say about u Josh nmore.. i dunno.. ur just not the same. and u completely changed.. i thought u grew up but u didnt.. im always going to be ur friend.. i mean comeon seriously.. since like kindergarten we have been BESTFRIENDS.. im always going ot have ur bak and im always going to care.. u have that special first b.f type place in my heart and noone can take that Josh.. i dont know if i still love u cuz everythin is MESSED up!.. but im always here for u.. LYLABAABFAAFWAMHAAFETTFE!<3

*Dougie aka. "Ducky!"*-Hey bro.. what would i do without at all?.. haha ur like my best guy friend and u have helped me through soo much!.. i know DRAMA went on between us but look now we are cool as shit!.. haha I love hangin wit u.. U+Sara are gunna be cool together.. LYLABAAFE!

*Justin aka Thug Skata*"-Yeo hun wats up?.. i know alot of DRAMA is going on wit u right now.. dont worry i am always going to be here for u through everything ur my bro!.. I know u love April and want to be wit her but damn dad... well neways dont forget bout all our talks and jokes and u throwin me over a couch!.. Punk dat hurt!. .lolz.. dont forget im always here for u.. I AM GOIN TO MISS U SO MUCH HUN!.. I DONT THINK I WOULD BE HERE RIGHT NOW IF IT WASNT FOR U.. U CANT LEAVE US.. BUT ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH! .. Lylabaabfaafe!

*Jamie aka "My BITCH"*- Hehe were lovers.. lolz.. nah j.m.. but ur my BITCH haha.. grl i just met u but u are a really good friend.. thank u sooo much for being there for me+Stevie.. i am so glad that u+Chris are together.. u 2 are soo cute!.... u guyz really love each other!.. I love hangin out wit u!. .we deff, need to chill more.. LYLASAAF!

*Chris aka "Konnick"*- Hey hun!.. Omg i have known u for like ever!.. ur one of my bestfriends.. ur like my bro!..Thank u so much for trying to help wit me+Stevie.. and thanx for always being there for me wen i really needed someone!.. Im always going to be here for u!.. im glad u+Jamie are bak together..u 2 are soo cute..U guyz really do love each other!.. LYLABAAF!..

*John aka "JJ"*- hey hun we have known each other FOREVER! omg 4th grade we "went out" haha that was fun! ill never forget that and soccer haha.. now we are like brother and sister.. Dont worry u n Val will work things out!. DOnt forget ur party haha! THE MONKEY and im ur "girlfriend #2" and "Latino Lovaz" lol.. u know if u ever need me hun i am always here for U!.. much love! LYLABAAF!..

*Dennis aka "Stoner Sk8er!*- Hey hun!.. I dont know where i would be without u helpin me out ALOT lately.. haha i have so much fun chillin wit u and smokin wit u.. Thank u for helpin me out wit Frank + Josh.. dont worry i always got ur bak,., ur like my brother right now!.. Good luck wit Ang.. u 2 are really cute together, never lose her hun or ill kick ur ass haha.. LYLABAAFE!

*Steve aka "Stevie!"*-Hey hun... i know alot of shit has been going on wit me and u.. I know DRAMA went on and we broke up and like everything but im glad we are starting to talk again.. u are a really good friend and i could never lose that.. Im sorry bout not going to the movies wit u the one night but u know how it is.. i mean i WAS wit frank and shit,. im sorry tho.. im here for u still nomatter whats and maybe we will work out again who knows?.. Love ya lotz<3

*Karly aka *Hard Core Rapper*-OMG gurl!.. i miss ya so much!.. i wont ever forget all our memories.. too many to list! haha.. we are CRAZY together!.. LOLZ..u know i am always here for u huN!.. I am so glad that we are talkin again, and about things!.. u know u will always be special to me!.. ill never forget u!love yaz!

*Becky aka. "BECCA"*-Hye grl u are like my best friend now!.. we have so much fun on the bus wit Steve n Shyt!.. thanx so much for always helpin me wen i needed someone to talk to! we need to hang out more.. and omg our NOTES,, those are so fucken long haha!.. u know if u ever need me i am here! k!.. LYLASAAF!

*Valerie aka "Val"*-Omg we have so much fun wen we are together!.. This year has been so much fun! ur brother is sexy haha.. sorry i just had to say that.. U n JJ will work shit out ok hun!!.. lolz.. Im his #2 g/f lol j,m.. Biology sux i am so happy that u are there with me!.. even though i sleep the whole time!.. JJs party was the BEST! haha MONKEY! Jeremy n Jeff n Chris love the MONKEY!.. BIZZLE! haha.. u are my sis! bestest BUDS lol.. Dont forget i am always here for u if u ever need nething .. Lylas!!

Neone i forgot i still got loves for ya all!

Interests:73: 12 stones, 311, a perfect circle, aaliyah, adam sandler, adema, alternative, avril lavign, being horrible, being with my friends, benji, blink182, boxcar racer, boyz, causing trouble, cheese, chevelle, clothes, clubbing, coal chamber, crazytown, dancing, dashboard confessionals, disturbed, drowning pool, eminem, evenfield, finch, gadzooks, good charlotte, hoobastank, hot topic, hurley, incubus, jimmy eat world, kittie, korn, linkin park, movies, mxpx, new found glory, ok go, osbournes, our lady peace, pacsun, piebald, punk rock, rock, saliva, saves the day, seether, shopping, simple plan, sk8ers, skateboarding, social distorion, some rap, something corporate, sublime, sugarcult, sum41, system of a down, techno, the calling, the color blue, the offspring, the transplants, the used, thursday, trustcompany, value and quality, vin diesel, weezer
Friends:2: deja_vous, __why_hate
Account type:Early Adopter

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