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Below is user information for violent suicide. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crazy_me_haha (288387)
Name:violent suicide
i'm the new Berlin wall, try & tear me down.

I'm 16. I'm a depressed and pessimistic female; I can be cheerful/hyper if I want to. My moods change a lot. I can be all emo for an hour and then become all haute couture the next. I'm also friendly. I love emo boys and I wish I had one. Brendon Urie is my god and Panic! At The Disco is the greatest band EVER. I'm a comment-whore, a attention whore procrastinator and Brendon's girlfriend.

I hate describing myself.

my bff & i are weird emo scene queens with that hint of haute couture-ness

slow motion, see me let go.

scene queen with mad rad hair.

Background Image By: Me.
Icon By: Some xanga site who got it off from a random site.
Memories:24 entries
Interests:90: 30 seconds to mars, a static lullaby, adam lazzara, adele devuyst, alternative music, audrey kitching, backstreet boys, baked doritos, ballet flats, bayside, becky lou, becky lou filip, black and white, brendon urie, camwhoring, chicosci, chocolate, coffee, coheed and cambria, crosses, emo, emo bands, emo boys, emo lyrics, emo music, eyeliner, fall out boy, from first to last, hair extensions, hanna beth, hanna beth merjos, harry potter, haute couture, hawthorne heights, head automatica, hollywood undead, icons, jac vanek, jack's mannequin, jacquelene vanek, johnny cash, jon walker, jon weisberg, las vegas, lauren steil, leggings, lizz mohin, m.a.c, mac cosmetics, madradhair, makeup, matchbook romance, matt good, molly steele, motion city soundtrack, motion picture demise, my chemical romance, opm, p!atd, panic! at the disco, parokya ni edgar, pasta, phantom of the opera, post-hardcore, reese witherspoon, ryan ross, scary kids scaring kids, scene, scene queens, secondhand serenade, senses fail, shakira, shopping, silverstein, skinny jeans, slash, something corporate, sommer ata, sonny moore, spencer smith, starbucks, taking back sunday, the hush sound, the killers, twiggy, underoath, urbandub, vampires, vintage, violence
Friends:8: ania, call_me_kim, innocentamy, lilsweetie, shadowanddust, starianprincess, strip_the_smile, wahooeeh
Friend of:16: acidic_flames25, ania, call_me_kim, cherrybombust16, chibiruby, die_hard_fan, girl_intruptd, harrys_hunny, lilsweetie, shadowanddust, southerngirl_, starianprincess, strip_the_smile, thenewcancer, wahooeeh, xunique_beautyx
Account type:Free User

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