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Below is user information for your holding onto your grudge. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:crazi_for_you (98026)
Name:your holding onto your grudge
AOL IM:xL0STandF0UND (Add Buddy, Send Message)
everythings better in pennsylvania ;]

i like writing deep things
i love being with my friends
i like having someone love me <3 2.14.03
i like the music i like.and thats what i will listen to
i like doing dumb things
i like walking around my town
i like my sarcastic attitude

you should IM me ; xL0STandF0UND
Interests:85: a new found glory, a static lullaby, alkaline trio, allister, autopilot off, beanies, blink 182, boys with shaggy hair, brand new, burned cds, count the stars, cruising, donnie darko, dont look down, emo, fall out boy, fenix tx, finch, further seems forever, goldfinger, green day, h20, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hoodies, jimmy eat world, less than jake, local bands, long nights, making out, matchbook romance, midtown, mixtapes, motioncity soundtrack, mxpx, my chemical romance, new jersey, nick@night, nofx, of a revolution, old music, old tv shows, pacific sunwear, pennsylvania, phantom planet, piebald, pop-punk, punk, random, reading good books, reel big fish, rufio, saves the day, senses fail, ska, sleepovers, slick shoes, soccer, something corporate, spitalfield, story of the year, student rick, sublime, sugarcult, summer, taking back sunday, the ataris, the beach, the beastie boys, the beatles, the clash, the drive-in, the early november, the juliana theory, the movielife, the promise ring, the starting line, the used, thursday, undressed, volleyball, walking, weezer, winter, yellowcard
Friends:37: 2ndstageturbine, ad0rkablepunk, all_cried_out, americangirls, awfulwaffle, brandnewfinchtx, comeawaywithme, cool_i_am_not, cosmicglory, disheart, dispatching, dorky_kid, dreamr0388, emodrunkinlove, emoprincess12, heaven_xo, hoodz, hurleygurly4280, leftme_spinning, mentalfloss, nowordstospeak, phishfarm, punkrockgurl87, shownomercy, shvinkter, space_between, sprklethesky, sucker4urkiss, sweetstar013, uglybastard, verbalgunfight, walkdontrun, xn1kk1, xtbsrejectx, _abrcrombiechik, _boarder, _inyourmind_
Friend of:28: ad0rkablepunk, all_cried_out, americangirls, awfulwaffle, comeawaywithme, cool_i_am_not, disheart, dorky_kid, emodrunkinlove, hoodz, hurleygurly4280, leftme_spinning, phishfarm, shvinkter, silverice, space_between, sprklethesky, sucker4urkiss, sweetstar013, uglybastard, verbalgunfight, walkdontrun, xn1kk1, xtbsrejectx, x_temptati0nz_x, _abrcrombiechik, _boarder, _inyourmind_
Account type:Early Adopter

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