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User:craved (58256)
Name:*-» KATHRYN
Location:Walnut Creek, California, United States
AOL IM:oOo s0 sExiE xXx (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Hey y'all! My name is Kathryn, but alot of people prefer to call me Kat. I'm 14 years old, and I'm from the ghettoest prep town in the US. Dub-C! bka Walnut Creek, California. I'm 5'5'' with auburn hair and brown eyes. [[if you want too see pics IM me]]. I'm a huge bitch, but if you keep on my good side.. you're good to go ; ] ...If you wanna know anything else, Just Hollar!


I wanna say a quick "Hey!" to all my Blurty Friends or personal friends. Thanks for commenting and getting me through each day<33

Julie:: friskme. Jules!.. i Love you more and more each day! You are one of my best blurty friends. I'm so glad we've gotten so close, and i luff you with all my heart<3

Hol:: foolishly. Thanks for actually being there and for not being one of those superficial blurty bitches. It means alot to me that i can actually have real friends on here!<33

Ellina:: t0o_sweet. Ellina there is way too much to say to you.. you're just P to the iMP! ; ]<3

Nicole:: xbreakingxnitex. We fight, we bitch, we hate.. but we will always be friends<3

Caitlin:: _caitrs. i Love you like Billy Brown love cake. This is the 9th coolest bio, and you are very unique!<33

Meredith:: xbrokenfaerie_. You are such a sweet person, thanks for always being there even though we don't hangout much<33

Juleigh:: emogirlshoes. Ahh Long-time no matri-disco.. me you and ellina will hafta get together sometime = ]<3

Jenny::sexii_bee. You're like my twin, we have so much in common! Thanks for the good times! <33

If you think you should be here, let me know and maybe i'll add you ; ]<333


First off; My journal is Friends Only and that will never change. This means I say what i want, when i want, how i want, if i want. If you have a problem with me or the way i run my life do us all a favor and click the [x] on the top of your screen. The phrase Friends Only means that my journal is for friends. Do not add me for journal help, i will help you, but not if i find out that is why you added me. And do not leave lil' ananymous immature comments in my journal; say it to my face, or don't say it at all because everyone is tired of reading your immature shit! And i do not steal peoples' shit..EVER..i expect you not too either.. I don't like fake people. ; ]<333
Quick thanks to Melissa for the name<3


If you for any reason need me, or just want to chat you can find me @
AiM: oOo s0 sExiE xXx, n0t t0o niCe, kAt piMpSz yOu <33

Interests:140: aaliyah, adriana lima, alcohal, alice in wonderland, american pie, armani, ashanti, atc, avril lavigne, barbies, bebe, belts, benji, bitchiness, biting, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blinchike, bondage, boots, bracelets, burotina, cake, caller id, candles, candy, chains, cheshire cat, chex mix, chocolate, christina aguilera, clubbing, cocacola, coffee, corsets, creme de menthe, dior, dolce & gabbana, drinking, eating, edens crush, eyelash curlers, fetish, friends, glitter, glow in the dark, greyhounds, gucci, guess, hairdye, handcuffs, happy bunny, hot chocolate, ice, ice cream, iced white chocolate mochas, insomnia, irina allegrova, ja rule, jarule, java, kep, kisses, kissing, kittens, kopoba, laughing, lena, lil kim, lipgloss, lipstick, love, making out, marijuana, megan ewing, mochas, moscow, moskva, mushrooms, night, pasta, peircings, pepsi, phone, pina coladas, pink panther, piroshki, prada, punk boys, pussycat dolls, raccoons, rawk, red, rings, ruki vverh, russia, russian, russian dance, russian people, russian pride, salad, selfishness, shiny things, shirley temples, shoes, singing, skaters, sleep, slim shady, smoking, smoothies, soda, spike bracelets, spongebob, squidward, starbucks, staring, stars, stripes, stripped, studbelts, tattoos, tatu, taty, techno, teeth, the group, the it girl, tiramisu, tongue rings, versace, vodka, whipped cream, whips, white chocolate, willa ford, witchcraft, xtina, yulia,
Friends:15: approval, bummer, chilled, cootsie, deprive, entertaining, essences, jboi, lushuzz, mizzbabygurl, sweet_fantasies, the_beautys, whoregasm, xjuicydivax, _chica
Friend of:7: approval, bummer, deprive, lushuzz, mizzbabygurl, sweet_fantasies, xjuicydivax
Member of:3: entertaining, the_beautys, _chica
Account type:Early Adopter

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