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Below is user information for ShiChan. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:cosmic_pepsi (96505)
Location:Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:SugarDoom87 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

don't let the location fool you peoples...I'm full blooded, born and bred New Jerseyan...complete with Sopranos accent...


oh hell...I'm turning into a the damn keystone state too...

Interests:125: 70's stuff, 80's music, alanis morrisette, andromeda, apples, arsenal, avoiding gym class, band uniforms, batgirl, batman, birds of prey, black, blue, bon jovi, bunnies, cadences, camaros, care bears, cats, chasing stuff, chicken, chinese food, chocolate, code red mountain dew, comic books, computers, cookies, cowboy bebop, dc comics, disney movies, dollz, drawing, duo maxwell, duo x heero yaoi, ed, english, fan fiction, faye valentine, ghosts, god, green arrow, gundam wing, heero yuy, hercules the legendary journeys, house on haunted hill, impulse, internet, jedi, jedi robes, johnsie, josh lyman, kennywood park, kenshin, lightsabers, livejournal, lo mein, loitering, lunch, marching band, mellophone, memoirs, mint green, moon, moon mist, mustangs, new jersey, new york city, nightwing, online quizes, oracle, orange sherbert, orlando bloom, our lady peace, paranormal, pencils, pepsi, peter pan, phantoms revenge, pixie sticks, ponyboy, poo, purple, purple lightsabers, rain, raspberry iced tea, red, rob lowe, rob lowes pubes, robin, rocky horror picture show, rollercoasters, sam seaborn, saturday night live, school, silverchair, snow, sodapop, south park, spiderman, spike speigel, stage crew, star wars, starsky & hutch, sugar, sugarcult, superboy, teen titans, teenage dirtbag, the dukes of hazzard, the invisible man, the magician, the outsiders, the west wing, tom green, torinos, traveling, ussba, vanilla coke, vincent ventresca, weezer, weird nj, won ton soup, writing, yaoi, yoda
Friends:23: aether_rabbit, awesomebandos, awkwardsilence, boho_love, b_nerds, donnie, feel, kdelioncourt, lil_flames, meashortstackyo, moon_monster, moon_zombies, pink_tearz, professorcay, psycho_fenris, raye, shatteredxhope, soimabanddork, spaceghost, spookie_doom, superstitches, tyler_rabbit, _confused_
Friend of:14: aether_rabbit, awkwardsilence, boho_love, donnie, feel, kimberlyfdr, moon_monster, pink_tearz, psycho_fenris, raye, shatteredxhope, soimabanddork, tyler_rabbit, _confused_
Member of:2: awesomebandos, moon_zombies
Account type:Early Adopter

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