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User:cookie_monstur (943198)
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bio:.Oi Mate =].
.Thanks For Dropiin Byy.
.To begin, my name is Kayla, but my friends call me; Rakkauslaulu, Strawberry Shortcake, or Kay
.Im a very easy person to get along with.
.I dont really know what a want out of life.
.Im too nice, but not too many people are these days.
.The moment I consider you a real friend, I will love you forever.
.I`m 4`11 and very proud of my height.
.I`m French/Italian/Russian and German.
.I`ll be friends with just about anyone "ginos" "thugs" "gangsters" "emos" w/e.
.Im probably chunkier than you think I am then again what part of canada isnt these days ._. .
.I wear shirts with monkeys all the time.
.Viva La Bam has the best theme song and opening :D.
.Relationships is a whole nother world with me its so fucked up.
.Im a romantic, I cant have a fling.
.In two years i`ll be moving to Germany or Switzerland.
.When i tell you a nice comment i feel offended when you disagree b/c you are pretty much saying that im stupid for saying that.
.Im not very good with words, if i try to tell you how i feel ill probably say it wrong and then sound like a total bitch.
.I`m pretty em0tinal, but ii can be a hateful bitch too.

' anything else? ask me
Interests:7: candy, cellphones, cookies, etc etc., history, shopping, spirituality
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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