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User:cookie1976 (118457)  
Location:United Kingdom
ICQ UIN: 30458069 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:silent_witness01 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:just_call_me_cookie
Bio:oh,so you wanna know more about me, eh?
well brief autobiography reads: born in Germany to British parents, moved to UK at 16 to do 'A' Levels, moved around a bit, did a year at Uni, met an Indonesian student and ran off to Indonesia and got married. That didn't quite work out, so four years later i came back to UK and am still living in UK to this very day. I did my drivers licence and am now working towards an Open University Psychology degree.

i love salsa, which is a new found passion. i am not particularly good but i enjoy it anyway.

my other passion would be languages. i speak German, English and Indonesian and just love to pick up bits here and there of other languages. i've acquired bits and pieces of languages such as Mandarin, Dutch, Italian, Greek and Arabic, though i can by no means claim i actually SPEAK these languages.

i LOVE listening to pop music in different languages, especially if i can make out a phrase or two.

i am currently learning Russian, so anyone wishing to hear me speak my basic basic Russian, I would love some help.

hmm what else? well i enjoy deep dicussions on many topics, particularly the social sciences and the philosophy and the like. i tend to think i am smarter than i actually am, tho.

i have an interest in the paranormal and am a member of an investigation team. Been to a few investigations, but i am about as psychic as a damp sponge so am not likely to 'experience' anything even remotely interesting (and not entirely sure i would like to) but i enjoy the sciency bit and waggling fancy equipment about until it beeps.

i have taken up walking to stop myself from slipping into couch-potatoehood and go for early morning hikes in those mornings when i can drag my crumpled form from the soft downy bedlinen and find my (surprisingly unsmelly) trainers. this is then followed by a routine day at the office (so routine i almost never write about it - what does that tell ya) and then home to some dinner and sleep.

if i still sound like an interesting person, then you probably need to get out more, but feel free to nose round my blurty if the outdoors still scares you.
Memories:7 entries
Interests:62: accents, animation, anthropology, arabic, asia, bergamot, bonobos, caramel, chimpanzees, chocolate, comedy, computers, dd100, dogs, driving, dse212, england, german, ghosts, gorillas, helicopters, hot food, human beings, humour, indonesia, integrity, intelligent conversations, islam, jakarta, kissing, languages, learning russian, lemon meringue pie, lie-ins, mambo, mandarin, merengue, morello cherries, movies, music, open university, orang utans, paranormal, passion fruit, peaches, philosophy, pilates, procrastinating, psychology, radio 4, raspberries, ross noble, russian, salsa, sociology, stand-up comics, sting, sunshine, tagalog, travelling, vanilla, walking
Friends:4: mandy, mirrorwind, sheabutter, smudger59kes
Account type:Early Adopter

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