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Below is user information for Cliche by whos standards?. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:condemned (77598)
Name:Cliche by whos standards?
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
Yahoo! ID:mommysfailure (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:mommysfailure
Jabber:Jab you in the face?

♥ Ow.
Memories:25 entries
Interests:143: !!!, 2am calls from him, =w=, afi, alk3, alkaline trio, almost famous, alphabet soup, american psycho, anti anime, anti avril, atari, belt buckles, black, black and white, black sheets, blank stares, blue album, bobby pins, bobby socks, bowling for soup, boys, boys that smell blue, burger king crowns, candids, cards with pink envelopes, cat, cherries, chicago, chucks, clean bathtubs, coasters, contradiction, cork boards, creamsicles, cucumber melon, cursive, donnie darko, dora the explorer, dorks, edgar allen poe, emo, eric clapton, fall out boy, fata, fingers with pink paint, flintstones, foil stars, fraggle rock, fruit punch, geeks, grey, hamtaro, hand written letters, hate, heart on my sleeve, hhh, hot cheetos, hot pockets, idle threats, indie boys, jelly bracelets, joe dirte, joj, kevin smith, kitty ears, less than three, lightbulbs, lillies, linen water, lip piercings, loud nothings, love, lovehate, lullabies, messy love, mickey antennaes, mixtapes, moonlit stars, my headphones, my nephews, my purple memo box, names written in water, nerds, new pillows, not your average beauty, orange county, ordinarily extraordinary, orgami, oxox, panoramic pictures, paper, paper clip anklets, paper hearts, pennies, pens, peony, photobooths, pictures, pink, pink pillows, pinkerton, pizza rolls, pocky, pod, post cards, pretty girl, ransom writing, rubber cement, seattle, sexy boys, smile empty soul, snapshots, sorrow, stars in my eyes, stars in your eyes, stationary, stevie wonder, strawberries, strongbad, sublime, suicide poses, super troopers, sweet pea, sweet surrenders, taking back sunday, tapeleg, tbs, the 80s, the ataris, the good girl, the used, this endless affair, thrice, thumb tacks, upside down stamps, virgin suicides, vw golf, warm hands, weezer, world maps, yellowcard, yyy
Friends:21: aheartderailed, alphabetsoup, cyanidekisses, dark_machine, emptycavity, hotrodcircuit, ishers, johnnydangerous, killermuffin, localbands, one_eight_seven, punkasskidd, punkman, punkmanforever, spartacus, sporkinmyeye, xcore, yrnotussousuck, _fabfivefans, _myfistyourface, _tattooed
Friend of:32: aheartderailed, angusdork, antisocialme, chestermolest, cielsansbleu, cyanidekisses, dark_machine, deathofautumn, deliriouslysane, emo_headache, emptycavity, erbana, firststaryousee, heroin_in_myeye, ihatemyself303, impenetrable, intn, johnnydangerous, killermuffin, littlevoice, marejaney, one_eight_seven, pheonixtears, punkheartbreakr, punkman, punkmanforever, renoir, sheburns_, sporkinmyeye, vintagesixties, _137, _myfistyourface
Member of:16: confession, cribs, crymelyrics, dangerouslyrics, emomart, emo_kids, hot_hair, indienerds, localbands, makingamixtape, musictrade, unsent, weezer, yrnotussousuck, _fabfivefans, _tattooed
Account type:Early Adopter

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