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Below is user information for Jamie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:colurmepretty (839708)
Location:Winona, Minnesota, United States
AOL IM:colurmebeautiful (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:colurmebeautiful (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:me me me
you you you
i i i
we we we

Bio: 5'1, blue eyes, short brownish/blonde hair. I have a loving fiance and am attending WSU. I love meeting new people so reply to an entry and add me if you like--

likes: romantics, curly fries, classic rock,
no shoes, cheap movies, hugs.

dis-likes: shallowness, alcoholics, mordbidness during a meal, plastic animals, meanies.

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I am currently majoring in Social Work and minoring in Women's Studies and I want to specialize in helping out abused and battered women. I live in a single dorm, but my fiance Leo is there all the time anyway. I would describe myself as caring, thoughtful, a good listener and active. I currently working at Kwik Trip and studying my ass off.

Interests:147: active hatred of popsicles, angelina jolie, angels, animals, ashton kutcher, bare feet, barefeet, barefoot, barnes and nobles, being shoeless, birthdays, black panties, blue crush, bon-fires, books, bubble baths, butterfly kisses, caffeine, camping, candles, caramel lattes, charity, cheap movies, chinese food, christmas, classic rock, coffee, coffee shops, cuddling, curly fries, darkness, day dreaming, diamond rings, diamonds, diarys, dogs, earth, espresso oreo ice cream, family, fast food, fate, felicity, fire, fishing, forests, fragrances, free time, friends, germany, giggles, goo goo dolls, greenday, hand holding, holding hands, holidays, hot dogs, hugs, ice cream, iced coffee, imagination, individuality, italy, jewel, jokes, journals, junk food, kissing, laughs, laughter, lemonade, leo, lip gloss, lips, love, madison, magic, marshmellows, moose, movies, music, no shoes, nora roberts, norah jones, nose piercings, novels, ocean, orange flavors, outdoors, painted toe nails, paris, pasta, pepsi, pets, pillow fights, poems, poetry, pro choice, proposals, puppy eyes, purple, purple pens, rain, rain storms, rainbows, reading, red hot chili peppers, romance, romantic comedies, romantics, santa, seducing, seduction, self respect, sex, shopping, sleeping, smiling, snow, soda, spirituality, starbucks, steve miller band, sunny days, sunsets, sunshine, sweets, swimming, switzerland, tarot, tattoos, thai food, thunder, traveling, trees, true love, urban outfitters, victoria secret, videos, warm weather, weddings, whispers, winona state, working out, writing, writing letters, yellow roses, yoga.
Friends:3: flutterphlye, newfriends, zzyzx
Friend of:1: muffin
Member of:2: newfriends, _blurtybuddies
Account type:Free User

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