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User:cme4e (701448)
Location:Sacramento, California, United States
AOL IM:knoenoname (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:knoenoname (Add User, Send Message)
I could be the one who makes you laugh even when you don’t want to. I could be the one who always wishes you sweet dreams before you fall into slumber. I could be the positive person you know who always pumps you up to keep fighting for your aspirations. I could be the one who reminds you of your inspirations. I could be many things, but they depend on what you are looking for.

I’m 26 in age, but have lived more than most 46 year olds, and still keep the heart of a young man. Despite my adventures (that’s what I’ll call them) in life I’m not jaded in the least. I don’t have the personal issues so many are plagued with. I’m not only comfortable with who I am, I’m confident and loving it.

I’m many things. I’m romantic, I’m chivalrous, I’m every one’s big brother. I’m protective, I’m caring, I’m loving and forgiving, and I’m also what my friends say affectionately, “a reformed thug”. I’m, not to sound arrogant, some people’s description of a dream guy. I’m also, not to sounds self-loathing, some people’s idea of a nightmare. To say the least, I’m complex. You couldn’t get to fully know me through reading one or two journal entries. To know me takes time.

Have a beautiful day…
Interests:148: 80's, addictions, aim, alanis morissette, altoids, amoeba records, angels, anime, aphrodite, art, at-risk youth, baths, bbw, beaches, beauty, being me, berkley, betta fish, birthdays, bjork, blondies pizza, blue, body modification, bondage, books, caffeine, camping, candles, cello, chat, children, cigarettes, clothes, clubbing, clubs, coffee, commitment, concerts, cuddling, dancesafe, dancing, dating, desire, dj's, dreaming, driving, drum n bass, erotica, eyes, flirting, friends, fun, god, gospel, happiness, hate, holding hands, honesty, hoodies, hot topic, hot tubs, ice cream, integrity, intelligence, ireland, jungle, kids, kissing, labyrinth, laughing, learning, life, listening, livejournal, lj, love, loyalty, magnetic poetry, making out, massages, meeting new people, miniature golfing, movies, muppets, music, optimism, oral fixation, performing, philosophy, photobooths, photography, pictures, piercings, pinup girls, poetry, postcards, pride, psychology, quotes, rain, reading, real friends, religion, road trips, romance, sacramento, sacramento music, san francisco bay area, sesame street, sex, shows, silver jewelry, singing, skateboarding, sleeping, smiling, snow, softlips, spirituality, spontaneity, spooning, staind, starbucks, stars, street races, style, sublime, sunflowers, sunsets, surprises, sushi, talking, tattoos, tattoos on women, techno, the beach, the ocean, theatre, thinking, trance, vanilla ice, violence, vw, weight loss struggles, women, working out, writing, you..
Friends:5: 19se7en9, friends_21up, jade, magicfairy1213, saygoodbye
Account type:Free User

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