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Below is user information for I'm telling you this so you can relax. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:clownsrscary (151899)
Name:I'm telling you this so you can relax
Bio:"We run on the treadmill...keep slavin' away...till there's no time for talkin'...'bout troubles in mind...and the doors are all closed...between your heart and mine..."
Interests:78: $2 movies, addictions, bedtime, being in love, blankets, bubble baths, candles, caramel, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, chuck palahniuk, coffee, complaints, conversation, dancing, decorating, dirty dancing, donnie darko, elevators, erotica, falling in love, featherbeds, flowers, friends, fucked, good conversations, graduation, handcuffs, hanging out, happiness, hershey kisses, holding hands, hot tubs, hotel rooms, hugging, italy, kill bill, kisses, kittens, laughter, life, london, love, lust, making out, mental masturbation, mood swings, movies, my boyfriend, nakedness, nick, nighttime, norah jones, online addictions, organization, orgasms, pajamas, pictures, pillows, popcorn, romance, seinfeld, sex, sex and the city, sex shops, shoes, shopping, showers, sleeping, socks, target, thinking, tolerance, travelling, two weeks notice, vacation, video games
Friends:8: anotherkindofme, charlatan, icryknives, penseur, pictureyellow, shigal, squijifiji, ughsassin
Account type:Early Adopter

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