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User:clitobsession (929338)
Name:Angie Journal
Bio:Lesbian, late 30's, in an online relationship w/ girl overseas. Fav. music is Classic rock (mostly 80's bands), Im bipolar and have borderline personality disorder. I'm into fetishes. I have quite a few, im also interested in learning about other ppls fetishes, fantasies. Favorite sexual things are: feel, smell, touch and taste of a woman, I am obsessed with pussy especially the clit. It is beautiful. I like, mild punishment such as hard spankings, hair pulling, nipple torcher, biting. I am into blood (infatuated with the vampiress idea), watersports to the degree that it is only in a sexual nature, not humiliation. I love leather.I like to roleplay. I am Dominant (my girl is submissive, and I appreciate that about her). I have one celebrity that I am crazy about, Angelina Jolie (duh..Isn't everyone). I admire Ellen Degeneres very much. I am looking forward to a future with my girl. Our plan is for her to move here with me when her obligations there are sorted out. I am quite the pervert, can be an asshole, and straightforward about whats on my mind, even if its coming from a 'manic' episode, and she is so loving. No one in the world like her.
Interests:70: ac/dc, affection, anal sex, angelina jolie, anti-two party government, ass, ass play, ass spanking, astrology, blood, blood sucking, clit, clit fucking, cum, def leppard, depeche mode, dom, eating pussy durring period, energy, exhibitionist, female body, female tongue, free thinker, g spots, goddess, golden showers, holding hands, independent america, juice, karma, kissing, kissing lips, led zepp, lick, master, masturbating and pissing, masturbation, mindless self indulgence, music, mutual clit pissing, neck sliting and sucking, nine inch nails, nipples, one on one sex, orgasms, orgy (the band), pain, paranormal, peaches, pee, pee play, pink floyd, piss, pussy, pussy spanking, rocky horror pic show, scent, slave, soapy showers, spirituality, sub, tantric sex, tarot reading, taste, the scorpions, tits, vampiress, voyourism, watersports, women
Friends:11: absinthedead, applytogenitals, beyondhorny, fetishnfantasy, freakme, jenny_bee, lezbian_tips, scott_evil, sextoys, the_lil_angel, _sticky_stuff
Account type:Free User

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