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User:clear_heart (209812)  
Name:. . .
Bio:quizzes and things. friends only.
Interests:145: 80's pop, alcohol, alternative rock, andy warhol, angelina jolie, apoptygma berzerk, army boots, ash, autumn, babes in toyland, babydoll tees, beautiful people, beauty, betty boop, black, black eyeliner, blondie, blur, bois in eyeliner, brian molko, brit-pop, brit-rock, brittany murphy, bruises, candy, chicks on speed, christina ricci, david bowie, depeche mode, dir en grey, don johnson big band, dope hat, duran duran, dyed hair, fairies, fairywings, feather boas, fiona apple, fisherspooner, flowers, freedom, garbage, gay rights, girl interrupted, girlies, girly bois, glam, gorillaz, hedwig, hello kitty, him, hole, honesty, honeys, hot hot heat, hugs, ice tea, j-pop, j-rock, jack off jill, jessicka fodera, jj72, juliana hatfield, kelly osbourne, kent, kill hannah, king adora, kisses, ladytron, lipgloss, london, love, lunachicks, lust, madonna, malice mizer, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, marlboro lights, melody club, metrosexuality, mew, movies, murderdolls, muse, musta paraati, my darlings, my home, my own drinks, my ruin, my vitriol, myself, nailpolish, nancy boys, nirvana, ola salo, painting, pansexuality, paris, pj harvey, placebo, plutonium 74, poems, pop art, poppies, pulp, purple, queen adreena, rachel stamp, red, richey edwards, rocky horror picture show, scarling, sex pistols, shirley manson, siouxsie and the banshees, smashing pumpkins, spooky kids, spraypaint, spring, striped shirts, superchrist, synthpop, t.a.t.u., tank girl, tegan & sara, the ark, the clash, the cure, the donnas, the doors, the smiths, the sounds, thestart, tim burtons movies, transvestism, trick or treat, twiggy ramirez, ultranoir, undercover slut, varjo, velvet goldmine, white stripes, yeah yeah yeahs
Friends:8: anti_s0cial, cruciverus, deejpolock, miss_eyelash, runboyrun, smultron, tristesse, _leftbehind
Friend of:5: anti_s0cial, miss_eyelash, runboyrun, smultron, tristesse
Account type:Free User

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