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Below is user information for gaunty. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:clark (28150)
Website:where the waters run
Interests:81: aerosmith, american beauty, baseball, baseline, beatles, beer, billy joel, camping, cds, charmed, coldplay, computers, crash racing, dave matthews band, david carson, design, dogs, drama, dreamer, drinking, dvds, edgar allen poe, eric clapton, failure, fight club, foo fighters, four square, gorillaz, hiking, hockey, incubus, isabel evans, jay and silent bob, jello shots, kevin smith movies, kristin kruek, kryptonite, laser death rays, leo wyatt, lifehouse, literature, liz parker, max evans, movies, mudvayne, music, nature, new york city, nickleback, no doubt, no one, oddworld, outsider, paul rand, playstation, playstation one, radiohead, raygun, reading, rochester, roswell, scotch, shakespeare, shots, skyy, smallville, staind, star wars, sugar ray, superman, system of a down, tenacious d, the cure, the simpsons, theater, travis, vines, water skiing, west roswell high, white stripes, woodstock
Friends:30: aussie, belthazor, blank_page, blushing_poet, cinnamon_kisses, clark, clyde_barrow, cole_turner, fallen_icon, fancy_face, fearless_leader, healer, katherine_behr, kindred_spirits, laundry_service, leo_wyatt, max_evans, navy_cellular, orqasmic, pristine_smut, pure_grace, rob_gordon, solaris, trickery, virginieleyoden, white_rose, wild_one, with_you, women_swallow, _lana
Friend of:22: aprilredmon88, baechbabe217, clark, compilation, corporate_punk, cosmic_castaway, lana_lang, leo_wyatt, miss_evans, moonstar, orqasmic, premonitions, pure_grace, pure_romance, rob_gordon, santa_baby, solaris, spaceboy, virginieleyoden, wild_one, with_you, _lana
Member of:4: blank_page, claim_a_bjuser, kindred_spirits, women_swallow
Account type:Early Adopter

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