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Below is information about the "♥ Claim Your Love" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_your_luv (395200)
Name:♥ Claim Your Love
About: Claim Your Love

Welcome to the claim your love community! Here you can claim anyone whether it be any anime or manga character, band member, singer, video game character, movie character, or celebrity!


- No Fighting please.
- The first 6 members get 4 claims. Everyone after that may only have 3 claims.
- All claims are sharable unless said so. (If you don't want to share your claims put No Sharing
-Don't be rude to anyone else.
-In order to claim someone, you must join the community and then make a post saying who/what you want to claim. DO NOT POST YOUR CLAIMS IN COMMENTS! Those will be ignored, i'm sorry. :(
-If a claim is sharable, it can only be shared between two people unless noted otherwise.
-Maintainer can get as many claims as desired.
-If you leave the community at any time, your claims are automatically available to anyone else.. sharing or no sharing.

Well that's all the rules! Have fun claiming! ^.^

Claims List


Angelina Jolie claimed by kiness -No Sharing-

Ayumi Hamasaki claimed by babyalyssa -No Sharing-

Asuka Langley Soryu claimed by kameikari -No Sharing-

AFI claimed by chibi_jess -No Sharing-

Aragorn claimed by bringbackthesun

Alexiel claimed by bringbackthesun

Aj Trauth claimed by love4sk8ers002 -No Sharing-

Adam Lamberg claimed by love4sk8ers002 -No Sharing-

Acceptance claimed by xfallen_tears -No Sharing-

Andrew McMahon claimed by rejekted -No Sharing-

Ashton Kutcher claimed by sweetnsexybaybe -No Sharing-

Adam Brody claimed by saruh

Andy Roddick claimed by forgivemelovex -No Sharing-

Amon (Witch Hunter Robin) claimed by ladybiggs

Adam Lazarra (Taking Back Sunday) claimed by takngbacksunday


Brian Joo claimed by do_or_die -No Sharing-

Blink 182 claimed by lovesjustaword

Billy Martin shared by brokenstar & rainbowbrite2x7 No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

Brandon Boyd claimed by bringbackthesun

Bam Margera claimed by underjoyedx -No Sharing-

Benji (Good Charlotte) claimed by nboyfcrazyg -No Sharing-

Brad Nowell (Sublime) claimed by isk84pie -No Sharing-

Bullseye (Daredevil) claimed by evil_beauty7 -No Sharing-

Bert Mccracken (The Used) claimed by waxbutterflyz

Branden Steineckert (The Used) claimed by waxbutterflyz

Brian Molko (Placebo) claimed by minorthreat27x -No Sharing-

Brand New claimed by xfallen_tears -No Sharing-

Bakura (YGO) claimed by yugifangirl

Billy Boyd claimed by spazykittyears


cauldren_o_fire claimed by star_kitten -No Sharing-

Chris Wilson (Good Charlotte) claimed by gclovergirl

Colin Farrell claimed by jbabie69 -No Sharing-

Charlie Punchatz claimed by x_bright_eyes_x -No Sharing-

Conor Oberst claimed by x_bright_eyes_x -No Sharing-

Chris Trousdale claimed by everetxl0v3r

Cedric Diggory claimed by xbabiixphatx

Crush (Finding Nemo) claimed by xbabiixphatx


David Desrosiers claimed by bizatchica -No Sharing-

Daniel Radcliffe claimed by pinky007 -No Sharing-

Davey Havok claimed by finexcorruption -No Sharing-

Derek Gledhill claimed by kaylaaa -No Sharing-

Die (Dir en Grey) claimed by kichan -No Sharing-

Draco Malfoy claimed by ginger_blood -No Sharing-

Dominc Monaghan claimed by spazykittyears


Elijah Wood claimed by crystaldreamer4 -No Sharing-

Eminem claimed by eminemsbaby -No Sharing-

Edward Scissorhands claimed by luhv_eden -No Sharing-



Gackt shared by kawaiisakura & kawaiicandy14 No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

Gohan claimed by lovesjustaword -No Sharing-

Gene Starwind claimed by hot_heat

Good Charlotte claimed by diverse_silence -No Sharing-

Gomez Adams claimed by evil_beauty7 -No Sharing-

Garret Zablocki (Senses Fail) claimed by waxbutterflyz

Gaara (Naruto) claimed by collywobbles

Ginger Fish (Marilyn Manson) claimed by deadbytuesday -No Sharing-


Heath Ledger claimed by crystaldreamer4 -No Sharing-

Haku claimed by shorty2the_star -No Sharing-

Hideki claimed by yoursinsintome -No Sharing-

Hans Christian Eikanger claimed by babyalyssa -No Sharing-

Hakkai claimed by babyalyssa -No Sharing-

Heero Yuy shared by hot_heat & heero_no_tenshi No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

HoroHoro claimed by chibi_jess -No Sharing-

Hotaru Tomoe claimed by bringbackthesun

Harry Potter claimed by pinky007

Hoobastank claimed by forgivemelovex -No Sharing-

Hide (X-Japan) claimed by kichan -No Sharing-

Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei) claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Hiei (Yu yu hakusho) claimed by yugifangirl -No Sharing-


Inuyasha claimed by rikako -No Sharing-


Johnny Depp claimed by youtookmycheese -No Sharing-

Jack Sparrow (Captain) claimed by chibi_jess -No Sharing-

Jeremiah Rangel claimed by safetyxpin27 -No Sharing-

Jeph Howard claimed by mestxupxmorbid -No Sharing-

Jesse Lacey claimed by cute_with_no_e -No Sharing-

Joel (Good Charlotte) claimed by nboyfcrazyg -No Sharing-

Justin Timberlake claimed by rubberducky21 -No Sharing-

Johnny Knoxville claimed by rubberducky21 -No Sharing-

Jane Puget (AFI) claimed by minorthreat27x -No Sharing-

Joe Brown (Static Lullaby) claimed by funkiemonkie -No Sharing-

Joe (Coming Soon) claimed by dont_apologize

John Nolan (Straylight Run) claimed by dont_apologize

Jenna (girlfriend) claimed by spaceman_spiff -No Sharing-

Jake Epstein shared by pinky007 & rupertsreject24 No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

Josh Harnett claimed by forgivemelovex -No Sharing-

Joan Jett claimed by sageofrage

John 5 (Marilyn Manson) claimed by deadbytuesday

claimed by dana_x_naders -No Sharing-


Ken Hidaka claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Kang Ta shared by kawaiisakura & kawaiicandy14 No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

Keitaro Urashima claimed by star_kitten -No Sharing-

Kaworu Nagisa claimed by hot_heat

Kris Roe claimed by x_bright_eyes_x -No Sharing-

Kyou Sohma claimed by kawaiidreamer14

Kankurou (Naruto) claimed by collywobbles

Kyo (Dir en Grey) claimed by sadisticdesirex -No Sharing-

Kana (Gothic Lolita & Jrocker) claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Kisa Sohma claimed by kawaiidreamer14


Legolas claimed by kawaiisakura -No Sharing-

Legato claimed by kourui -No Sharing-

Lyserg Diethel claimed by lil_shaman_girl -No Sharing-

Lucivar Yaslana (The Black Jewels Trilogy) claimed by heero_no_tenshi -No Sharing-

LMNtrik claimed by xbabiixphatx


Momiji Sohma claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Mest claimed by diverse_silence -No Sharing-

Matt Lovato claimed by mestxupxmorbid -No Sharing-

Matthew Thiessen claimed by this_dying_wish -No Sharing-

Matt Ishida claimed by ashmore_whore -No Sharing-

Mike Vogel claimed by saruh

Matt Damon claimed by babidoll101 -No Sharing-

Moon Heejun (H.O.T.) claimed by rikako

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) claimed by collywobbles

Mudvayne claimed by sageofrage

Madonna Wayne Gacy(Marilyn Manson) claimed by deadbytuesday -No Sharing-



Omi Tsukiyono claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Orlando Bloom claimed by crystaldreamer4 -No Sharing-

Oliver James claimed by everetxl0v3r


Paul Walker claimed by sweet_ashley -No Sharing-

pzych0 -- Stacey claimed by serial -No Sharing-

Pierre Bouvier claimed by sweetnsexybaybe -No Sharing-


Quinn Allman claimed by safetyxpin27 -No Sharing-


Riho Yamazaki claimed by kameikari -No Sharing-

Ryan Escolopio claimed by bizatchica -No Sharing-

Rick Avery claimed by bizatchica -No Sharing-

Ryan Key claimed by this_dying_wish -No Sharing-

Remus Lupin claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Riku (Kingdom Hearts) claimed by evil_beauty7 -No Sharing-

R2k (Finch) claimed by dont_apologize

Rupert Stein claimed by rupertsreject24 -No Sharing-

Ryan Pinkston (Punk`d) claimed by soda

Ryuuichi (Gravitation) claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

claimed by dana_x_naders -No Sharing-


Shigure Sohma claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Sanosuke claimed by kawaiisakura -No Sharing-

Shin Hye Sung claimed by do_or_die -No Sharing-

Sanzo claimed by kourui -No Sharing-

Setsuna Mudo claimed by yoursinsintome -No Sharing-

Shinji Ikari claimed by kameikari -No Sharing-

Son Goku claimed by lil_shaman_girl -No Sharing-

Spongebob Squarepants claimed by sweet_ashley -No Sharing-

Seann William Scott claimed by soda -No Sharing-

Shia LaBeouf claimed by ixhatexavril -No Sharing-

Sirius Black claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Simple Plan claimed by heartbr8kr

Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) claimed by isk84pie -No Sharing-

Skateboarding claimed by isk84pie -No Sharing-

Shane West claimed by xfallen_tears -No Sharing-

Stevie Brock claimed by everetxl0v3r

Sean McCullough claimed by funkiemonkie -No Sharing-

Stifler (American Pie Movies) claimed by bookonashelf

Scooter Ward (Cold) claimed by sadisticdesirex

Story of the Year claimed by sageofrage

Sepiroth (FFVII) claimed by ladybiggs

Shuichi Shindou (Gravitation) claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Sean Austin claimed by spazykittyears

claimed by dana_x_naders -No Sharing-


Takuto claimed by do_or_die -No Sharing-

Trunks claimed by star_kitten -No Sharing-

The Used claimed by diverse_silence

Tom Felton claimed by xcandiikissezz -No Sharing-

Tony Lovato claimed by mestxupxmorbid -No Sharing-

Taking Back Sunday claimed by cute_with_no_e -No Sharing-

Taichi Kamiya claimed by ashmore_whore -No Sharing-

Tyson Ritter [AAR] claimed by heartbr8kr

The All American Rejects claimed by heartbr8kr

Toshiya (Dir en Grey) claimed by kichan

The OC claimed by xbabiixphatx

Tom Erik claimed by theconfusedgirl -No Sharing-


Umi Ryuuzaki claimed by yoursinsintome -No Sharing-


Vin Diesel claimed by kiness -No Sharing-

Vegeta claimed by lovesjustaword -No Sharing-


Waya claimed by kourui -No Sharing-

Will Smith claimed by kiness -No Sharing-

Will Turner claimed by rubberducky21 -No Sharing-

Wilmer Valderrama (That 70's Show) claimed by soda


Yuruka claimed by do_or_die -No Sharing-

Yuki Eiri claimed by kourui -No Sharing-

Yoh Asakura claimed by lil_shaman_girl -No Sharing-

You (Gackt's guitarist) shared by kawaiisakura & kawaiicandy14 No longer available to be shared unless noted otherwise :)

Yugi Mouto (YGO) claimed by yugifangirl -No Sharing-

Yoshiki (X-Japan) claimed by sadisticdesirex -No Sharing-

Yuki Sohma claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

Yuna (FFX and X2) claimed by kawaiidreamer14 -No Sharing-

ZebMasterD claimed by ladybiggs -No Sharing-

Thanks everyone! Have fun ^^
Interests:18: actors, anime, artists, bishoujo, bishounen, celebrities, claim, claimage, claiming, claims, gackt, j-pop, j-rock, k-pop, legolas, love, orlando bloom, singers
Members:85: anime_men_rock, ashmore_whore, babidoll101, babyalyssa, bizatchica, blue_vampiress, bookonashelf, brokenstar, chibi_jess, collywobbles, crystaldreamer4, cute_with_no_e, dana_x_naders, deadbytuesday, deadxroses666x, deathwillbreaku, diverse_silence, dont_apologize, do_or_die, eminemsbaby, endless_tears, everetxl0v3r, evil_beauty7, finexcorruption, funkiemonkie, funkyxpenguinss, gclovergirl, ginger_blood, goodnight0kiss, greenxfairy, heartbr8kr, heero_no_tenshi, hot_heat, isk84pie, ixhatexavril, i_love_josue, jbabie69, kameikari, kawaiicandy14, kawaiidreamer14, kawaiisakura, kaylaaa, kichan, kiness, kourui, lil_shaman_gurl, love4sk8ers002, lovesjustaword, luhv_eden, meganbaha, mestxupxmorbid, minorthreat27x, nboyfcrazyg, pinky007, pixiedragonfly, psycogirl, rainbowbrite2x7, rejekted, rikako, rubberducky21, rupertsreject24, sadisticdesirex, safetyxpin27, sageofrage, saruh, serial, shorty2the_star, sobeautifulxdhx, soda, spazykittyears, star_kitten, sweetnsexybaybe, sweet_ashley, takngbacksunday, this_dying_wish, trin20t, underjoyedx, waxbutterflyz, whitedragon, xbabiixphatx, xcandiikissezz, x_bright_eyes_x, yoursinsintome, youtookmycheese, yugifangirl
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