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Below is information about the "CLAiM SHYT" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_shyt (368311)
Website:Maintainer's Journal
Location:United States
About:Please check the: CLAiMS LiST !

Well welcome to yet another claiming community. This community is a media/entertainment based claiming community. I decided to make one because I was sick of seeing communities with no organization, and communities who never updated etc. I also wanted to form a community that consolidated all kinds of entertainment stuff. This community has six claiming categories; music, movies, television, theatre, books, and art. So anything entertainment based may be claimed. But before you join, please read the rules outlined below. If you do not read and follow the rules below, I do have the option of banning you. So please just read and follow the rules and there will be no problem. :)

None of these are hard rules to follow. They're a bit detailed only because of the amount of possible claims. So please read these first, join, and stake a claim. :)

OO1 You must be respectful and considerate of all members of this community. If you are disrespectful to any member whatsoever, you will not be warned. You will simply be banned and your claims erased.
OO2 Before staking a claim please take the time to check the Claims List and make sure none of your claims are already taken. The first time it happens I will politely tell you it is already taken. If you keep requesting claims already taken, I will get rude. It is not that difficult to search for your claim. The claims list is updated daily, sorted into categories and alphabetized. Please check it first.
OO3 You may only stake one claim per category. There are six categories to choose from; music, movies, television, theatre, books and art. That means you may claim six things without any attatchments. If you want more than one claim in a category, you must supply a link in your userinfo back to this community. If you do link back to this community in your userinfo, you may stake two claims per category which gives you up to 12 claims total. But you MUST have a link. If you claim 2 things per category, and do not place a link, your second claims will be erased and I will not inform you that they have been erased. Just realize I WILL CHECK OFTEN for links in userinfo's. So keep your promises.
OO4 There may only be one claim on an item. If two people want to claim the same thing, they both must agree and I must get an acknowledgement from both members that they agree to share. If you do agree to share, I will place both your names on the item in the claims list. But you both must agree to share, simple as that.
[EDIT]: Just to clear things up. No two people may claim a band, but you may claim an individual band member. For example, someone has already claimed Good Charlotte, so no one else may claim Good Charlotte unless you both agree. BUT, you may claim an individual band member, such as Benji Madden (who has already been claimed). That is allowed. But no two people may claim the same individual member (such as Benji) unless there is written approval from both of you. So just to re-iterate, you may claim an individual band member from a band already claimed. ;D
OO5 If you want an infinite number of claims in a category, you must make something for this community such as an icon, header, etc. For each thing you make, you get an infinite number of claims in a category of your choosing. For example, if you make an icon, you may choose to have an infinite number of claims in music etc. For each graphic you get another category.
OO6 Do not get angry with me or any other member if your claim is already taken. If you get hostile with any person in this community you will be banned. If two members fight over a claim, you will both be banned. Simple as that. This is no place for drama and I will not tolerate any drama in this community.
OO7 Last but not least, I will not allow advertising in this community. The only advertisement I will allow in here is for claiming communities. If you join this community and want to advertise, you may do so but ONLY if it is for a claiming community. If you join and advertise for your graphics community, you will be banned and your claims erased. I do accept affiliates as well so if you want constant advertisement, you may read my rules on being affiliates below.

I am not having a problem with keeping this community clean, but I thought I'd add a few tips before this community gets big at all.

Basically, I want to outline the fact that there are things I can do and things I can't. The things I can't do, you really need to take care of to make sure this community stays nice and clean and well maintained. First of all, please don't TyPe LiKE DiS. It not only makes you look ignorant, but it also makes it hard for me to read and I most likely will just delete your post and move on. I don't have time to decipher what you're claiming. It's enough work as it is. Second, please don't make long entries. It clogs up the community page and is also just a drag for me to read through. Please just type your claims, with a category heading, and if there is something particular you need to say, make it short. It makes everything a lot more eye friendly. :)

Now, there are also some housecleaning things that I can do. Mainly double posts. I know it's no one's fault if you accidentally post the same thing twice. If this happens, don't worry about going back and deleting it. I will take care of it, no problem. You will not be banned for doing it, or get yelled at for doing it. I check on this community at least every two days, and if this happens, I will take care of it. :) Do not worry about it. ;) I will also try to repair any defects in entries etc.

Overall, please just be courteous and be aware that others visit this community and will not want it clogged up etc. :) Thanks!

If you would like to be an affiliate, you must first of all maintain/moderate a claiming community. If you are a claiming community and want to be affiliates, go to my journal (ghettopirategrl) and leave a comment asking me to be affiliates. If I want to be affiliates I will comment back and a link to your community will be added to this userinfo and you MUST link back to mine as well. If you agree to be affiliates and you don't link me, your link will be deleted off my page. And I most likely won't accept you as an affiliate ever again. So please, if you say you're going to be my affiliate, link me. Simple as that.


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