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Below is information about the "Claim Your Obsession" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_obsession (383276)
Name:Claim Your Obsession
About:Maintainer: burning_wind

[ About ]

This is a community where you can claim your obsessions. At the moment it's strictly anime/manga and video game characters, but later I might allow other things not listed here to prevent confusion. Like any other claim community, there are rules.

[ Rules ]

- Maintainer gets up to four claims. Anyone on the maintainer's friends list before July 19, 2003, gets to have three claims. First ten members to post get two claims, and after that, only one.

- Automatically, it's no sharing since most people don't want to share. So, in your claim post, if you do want to share -- state it. As in "I'm claiming [insert name here] and I'm open to sharing" or something.

- If you do share, the limit is two people to a character.

- You can't advertise another community here. This is a claims community, not a community advertisment community.

- No flaming. If someone already took a character you want, don't go crazy and just claim someone else.

- To claim you must be a member and you must make a new post to claim. Post a claim in a comment and it'll be ignored.

- Lastly, PLEASE state where your claim is from. I'm knowledgeable of anime, but, not THAT knowledgeable so, please help me out that way. >.>;

*Extra* Want an extra claim or two? If you make an icon for the community, you get one extra claim, make a layout, and I'll give you two. I could do it myself, but I'm lazy. ^^;

And, that's about it. ^^; Go nuts, claim away. <.<

[ Claims List ]

Di Gi Charat
Puchiko/Petit Charat - minty_wind

Dragon Ball Z
Trunks Briefs - star_kitten
Son Goten - lbchan

Fruits Basket
Akito Sohma - bre_reaper

Yuki Eiri - bre_reaper

Sesshoumaru - sekzi_kitten

Kingdom Hearts
Riku - minty_wind

Love Hina
Keitaro Urashima - star_kitten

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ayanami Rei - smiling_facade

Project .hack
Elk - burning_wind
Mistral - smiling_facade
Sora - smiling_facade
Subaru - burning_wind
Tsukasa - burning_wind

Weiss Kreuz
Aya/Ran Fujimiya - rejekted

KOS-MOS - burning_wind

Yuugi Mutou - lbchan

Interests:22: .hack//infection, .hack//mutation, .hack//sign, anime, claims, dbz, di gi charat, dragon ball z, fruits basket, furuba, gravitation, inu yasha, inu-yasha, inuyasha, kingdom hearts, love hina, manga, neon genesis evangelion, video games, weiss kreuz, xenosaga, yu-gi-oh!
Members:19: babyalyssa, bishiounen_omi, bre_reaper, burning_wind, burt, funkiemonkie, heero_no_tenshi, kawaiidreamer14, kireina_yukie, lbchan, lilxkittenxo, minty_wind, rejekted, sctaller, sekzii_kitten, sleepless_heart, smiling_facade, star_kitten, xtviruskissesx
Watched by:3: bishiounen_omi, burning_wind, burt
Account type:Free User

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