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Below is information about the "Claim me" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_me (30887)
Name:Claim me
Website:Maintainers blurty
1.// You can claim anyone you like here - Actors/Actresses, Singers or Celebs
2.// When claiming your star please state their name and the band they are currently in - If they are in a band.
3.// No claiming whole bands
4.// There is no limit to the number of claims per member
5.// You must actually be a member to claim
6.// You must remain a member, if you leave the community, your claims are gone
7.// You may make banners and icons, if you do you will need to use the lj cut
[<lj-cut text="hfhfh">]
8.// All claims are shared unless you state otherwise

Claimable things:
#Anime characters
#Band members
#TV presenters
#Cartoon characters
#Anything similar

Afflicting communities: [claim_a_soul] [claim_anime] [claim_a_band] [claimursinger]
[doyouwantme] [claim_a_bjuser] [claim_a_sakura] [claim_stuffs]

QUICK TIPS **will be updated so keep checking**

Claims list
*Alex Band [The Calling] [faeries]
*Arnold Swartzenegger [actor] [faeries]
*Agent M [Tsunami Bomb] [__dirtystars__]
*Akino Arai [JPop singer] [himiko]
*Aeris Gainsborouh [Final Fantasy VII] [kamijo]
*Allison Robertson [The Donnas] [shedevil]
*Aino Minako/Sailor Venus [anime character][Sailormoon] [tenjou_utena]
*Anthony Kiedes [Red Hot Chili Peppers] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Avril Lavigne [singer] [_imwithyou]
*Ashton Kutcher [actor] [yummie_kiss]
*AJ Feeley [QB For Philadelphia Eagles] [volcom_vixen]
*Aaliyah [singer] [anthony
*Ashanti [Murder Inc.] [anthony]
*Aiji [Pierrot] [bluedragonness]
*Angelina Jolie [actor] [xk1ll_m3_f4ster]
*Allen Schezar [anime character] [Vision of Escaflowne] [kyoami]
*Ayumi Hamasaki [J-pop singer] [meggi]
*Andrew McMahon [Something Corporate] [riot_punk]
*Alan Rickman [Actor] [no sharing] [potion]
*Adam Carson [no sharing] [geeklikewoah_]
*Adam Jeczmien [Second To Last] [no sharing] [lets_crak_stars]

*Benji Madden [Good Charlotte] [cdnhockeyfan], [superstina19]
*Black Chii [Chobits] [anime character] [himiko]
*BoA [JPop singer] [himiko]
*Belldandy [Ah my! Goddess] [anime character] [faeries]
*Brock Lesnar [WWE] [sopranobaby84]
*Billy Martin [Good charlotte] [evilqueen]
*Brian Molko [Placebo] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Brian "Head" Welch [Korn] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Brandon Boyd [incubus] [_rockstar_], [lets_crak_stars]
*Britney Spears [singer] [_rockstar_]
*Brody Armstrong [The Distillers] [plastikvoid]
*Brad Pitt [actor] [plastikvoid], [faeries]
*Bakura(YAMI) [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Billy Boyd [ironic]
*Bjork [singer] [mokona_onna
*Bonnie Wright [Actress] [purple_glasses]
*Bam Margera [xk1ll_m3_f4ster]
*Brett Detar [The Juliana Theory] [snoogans]
*Boyd Tinsley [Dave Matthews Band] [specialauups]
*Bert McCracken [The Used] [i_feel_inspired]
*Bono [U2] [no sharing] [potion]
*Bruce Springsteen [E Street] [no sharing] [potion]
*Bif Naked [singer] [candy__cane]
*Bedtime Bear [care bears] [_believeinme_]

*Corey Taylor [Slipknot and Stone Sour] [faeries]
*Chad Gilbert [New Found Glory] [__dirtystars__]
*Chii [chobits] [anime character] [himiko]
*Chino Moreno [Deftones] [sour_girl]
*Chris Jericho [WWE] [sour_girl]
*Craig Nicholls [The Vines] [sour_girl]
*Chris Martin [Coldplay] [yummie_kiss]
*Courtney Love [Hole] [plastikvoid]
*Cyrus [NFG] [night_mares]
*Christina Aguilera [singer] [dirrtyblonde13]
*Craig David [singer] [anthony]
*Chichiri [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Chiriko [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Christian Coulson [actor] [runaway02]
*Colin Farrell [actor] [ashre]
*Chris Charrabba [Dashboard confessional] [strawberrygirl]
*Chiaki Nagoya [Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne] [kusakabe]
*Chris Snykus [Jupiter Sunrise] [snoogans]
*Chris Conelly [Saves the Day] [snoogans]
*Cone [Sum 41] [starbrights]
*Chibodee Crocket [anime character] [G Gundam] [sakebi]
*Chris Gaylor [All American Rejects] [hotlikebutter]
*Chuck Comeau [Simple Plan] [riotgirl]

*David Desrosiers [Simple Plan] [__dirtystars__]
*Daria [Cartoon character] [bmogroupie]
*Dada [Velvet Eden] [kamijo]
*Dhani Lennevald [from A*Teens] [shedevil]
*Dan Andriano [Alkaline Trio] [i_wanna_riot]
*David Draiman [Disturbed] [sour_girl]
*Dave Grohl [Nirvana/Foo Fighters] [sour_girl], [hotlikebutter]
*Daniel Radcliff [actor] [shampooneko]
*Dave Navarro [Jane's Addiction] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Donna A [The Donna's] [yummie_kiss]
*Donna R [The Donnas] [underthestars]
*Die [Dir en Grey] [hide], [bluedragonness]
*Dro [Deadstar assembly] [x_harlequin_x]
*Davey Havok [AFI] [xbitterstar]
*Danny Lohner [Guitarist for NIN] [xbitterstar]
*Dominic Monaghan [actor] [snoogans]
*Debra Fogarty [Diva Destruction] [ashesinthewind]
*Draco Malfoy [Harry Potter] [cxnt]
*David Gray [specialaupps]
*Derek [sum41] [jessuhka], [hotlikebutter]
*Didz Hammond [cooper temple clause] [dirtydream]
*Dave [sum41] [starbrights]
*Dr. Nner [Deadsy] [mansionworld]
*David Bowie [cake_or_death]
*David Wenham [actor] [ushichan_haru]
*Death [The Discworld Books] [fvcktoi]
*Davey Havok [no sharing] [geeklikewoah_]
*Donny Osmond [superstina19]
*Damien [a VJ on MTV] [jessuhka]
*Domon Kasshu [anime character] [G Gundam] [sakebi]

*Eminem [Singer] [__dirtystars__]
*Ewan McGregor [actor] [lostinyoureyes]
*Eeyore [cartoon character] [faeries]
*Enrique Iglesias [singer] [tenjou_utena]
*Even taubenfield [Avril Lavignes guitarist] [_imwithyou]
*Electabuzz [anime character] [PoKéMoN] [anthony]
*Elijah wood [actor] [ac_potter], [ironic]
*Emiru [Lareine] [meggi]
*Edward Scissorhands [self-titled movie] [no sharing] [ailurophobia]

*Flea [Red Hot Chili Peppers] [faeries]
*Faye Valentine [anime character] [Cowboy Bebop] [indiequeen]
*Faith Hill [singer] [sporanobaby84]
*Farfarello [anime character] [Weiss Kreuz] [monoka_onna]
*Fallon Bowman [formerly of Kittie] [candy__cane]
*Fab Moretti [the strokes] [candy__cane}

*Gwen Stefani [No Doubt] [indiequeen], [sour_girl]
*Gackt [tenjou_utena]
*Gideon Yago [MTV news] [underthestars]
*Gold/Kagami [Planet Ladder] [so_plush]
*Gandhi [ironic]
*Gir [Invader Zim] [purple_glasses]
*Goldmember [Movie] [purple_glasses]
*Gary [Spongebob Square Pants] [purple_glasses]
*Gerald [The SIMPSONS] [purple_glasses]
*Ginny Weasley [Harry Potter character] [purple_glasses]
*Gandalf [LOTRs] [strawberrygirl]
*Gokou [DBZ] [pan_chan]
*Gilderoy Lockhart [Harry Potter] [no sharing] [potion]

*Homer Simpson [cartoon character] [cdnhockeyfan]
*Hitomi [JPop singer] [himiko]
*Heath Ledger [actor] [lostinyoureyes]
*Hide [X Japan] [kamijo]
*Halle Berry [actor] [sopranobaby84]
*Hillary Duff [_weasel]
*Hisui [Madeth Gray'll] [hide]
*Hiro [La'cryma christi] [x_harlequin_x]
*Hikaru [Hikaru no Go] [bluedragonness]
*Hotohori [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Hayden Christensen [actor] [lonely_eyes]
*Hal Sparks [Actor] [purple_glasses]
*Hideki Motosuwa [anime character] [Chobits] [strawberrygirl]
*Hiei [pan_chan]
*Hong [Silver Ash]meggi]
*Harry Potter [no sharing] [potion]
*Hunter Burgan [no sharing] [geeklikewoah_]

*Inuyasha [anime character] [Inuyasha] [kamijo], [pan_chan]
*I Love the 80's [TV Show] [purple_glasses]
*Invader Zim [cartoon character] [no sharing] [lets_crak_stars]

*Julian Casablancas [The Strokes] [cdnhockeyfan]
*Jeanne [Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne] [anime character] [himiko]
*Joey Fatone [N'SYNC/actor] [shedevil]
*John Feldmann [Goldfinger] [i_wanna_riot]
*Johnny Rotten [Sex Pistols] [i_wanna_riot]
*Jacoby Shaddix [Papa Roach] [sour_girl]
*Jeff Hardy [WWE] [sour_girl]
*Josh Homme [Queens Of The Stone Age] [sour_girl
*Jay Gordon [Orgy] [sour_girl]
*Joel Madden [Good Charlotte] [evilqueen]
*Johnny Rzeznik [Goo Goo Dolls] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Jonathan Rhyes-Meyers [enigmaticdaemon]
*Joe Perry [Aerosmith] [enigmaticdaemon]
*James Masters [enigmaticdaemon]
*John Mayer [_imwithyou]
*Justin Timberlake [singer/*NSYNC] [_weasel], [faeries]
*Jack Osbourne [underthestars] [starbrights]
*Jim Adkins [Jimmy Eat World] [underthestars]
*JLO [singer] [jlowannabetat]
*Jboog [B2k] [jlowannabetat]
*Jiro [GLAY] [hide] [hide]
*Jennifer Love Hewitt [actress] [plastikvoid]
*Jimmy Fallon [famous]
*Ja Rule [Murder Inc.] [anthony]
*Jason London [Out cold] [go0berette]
*Jun [Pierrot] [bluedragonness]
*Jounochi Kastuya [Yugioh] [bluedragonness]
*Jon Bon Jovi [Bon Jovi] [runaway02]
*Johnny Depp [actor] [riotscum77], [_decayed]
*James DeWees [The Get Up Kids/Reggie and the Full Effect] [snoogans]
*Jonny Lee Miller [actor] [snoogans]
*Jay [Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay/Silent Bob Strike Back] [snoogans]
*Joe Morgan [InMe] [xk1ll_m3_f4ster]
*Jessicka Fodera [Scarling] [cxnt]
*Jack White [the White Stripes] [candy__cane]
*Joaquin Phoenix [actor] [nazi]
*Jordan Pundik [New Found Glory] [dazzling46]
*John Lennon [the Beatles] [specialaupps]
*Jonathan Davis [KoRn] [loser_kitty]
*Jack Skellington [the nightmare before christmas] [no sharing] [ailurophobia]
*James Hetfield [Metallica] [fvcktoi]
*Jade Puget [no sharing] [geeklikewoah_]
*John [Tough Enough 3] [jessuhka]

*Kurt Cobain (RIP) [Nirvana] [faeries]
*Kelly Osbourne [Singer] [faeries]
*Katie Holmes [Actress] [lostinyoureyes]
*Kamijo [Lareine] [kimijo]
*Kikyou [anime character] [Inuyasha] [kamijo]
*Kiryuu Touga [anime character] [Shoujo Kakumei Utena] [tenjou_utena]
*Kunzite [anime character] [Sailormoon] [tenjou_utena]
*Kajiki [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Kirito [Pierrot] [x_harlequin_x]
*Kaoru [Dir en grey] [x_harlequin_x]
*Kyo [Dir en grey] [x_harlequin_x]
*Kon [La'mule] [x_harlequin_x]
*Kisaki [Syndrome] [x_harlequin_x]
*Koji [La'cryma christi] [x_harlequin_x]
*Kodachi Kuno [anime character] [Ranma 1/2] [monoka_onna]
*Kosaka Riyu [J-pop/DDR singer] [bluedragonness]
*Kami [Malice Mizer] [bluedragonness]
*Kris Roe [The Ataris] [snoogans]
*Kevin Smith [filmmaker] [snoogans]
*Ken Hidaka [anime character] [Wei? Kreuz] [strawberrygirl]
*Karl Urban [actor] [snoogans]
*Kozi [Malice Mizer] [meggi]
*Kaa [jungle book] [no sharing] [ailurophobia]
*Kirk Hammet [Metallica] [fvcktoi]
*Kouji [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [sakebi]

*Lauren Graham [Gilmore Girls] [cdnhockeyfan]
*Lance Bass [*NSYNC] [lostinyoureyes]
*Lucifer [anime character] [Angel Sanctuary] [tenjou_utena]
*Lars Frederiksen [Rancid] [i_wanna_riot]
*Ling [Silver Ash] [x_harlequin_x]
*Lucy [ex-Silver Ash] [x_harlequin_x]
*Lee Jung Hyun [K-pop/DDR singer] [bluedragonness]
*Lestat [The vampire chronicles] [fvcktoi]
*Legolas [LOTRs] [ironic]

*Marilyn Manson [Singer] [faeries]
*Mike Shinoda [Linkin park] [__dirtystars__]
*Miyu [Vampire Princess Miyu!] [anime character] [himiko]
*Mandy Moore [actor/singer] [lostinyoureyes]
*Manley Pope [Broadway actor] [shedevil]
*Matt Skiba [Alkaline trio] [i_wanna_riot]
*Mark Hoppus [Blink 182] [sour_girl]
*Mariah Carey [singer] [_weasel]
*Mana [Malice Mizer/Moi dix Mois] [hide], [bluedragonness]
*Miyavi [solo JROCKer] [hide], [bluedragonness]
*Mariku/Malik Ishtar [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Miaka Yuuki [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Mitsukake [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Merry [LOTRs] [ironic]
*Mini Me [Austin Powers] [xk1ll_m3_f4ster]
*Matt Pryor [Get Up Kids] [snoogans]
*Mike Herrera [MxPx] [snoogans]
*Michael Vartan [actor] [snoogans]
*Maron Kusakabe [Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne] [kusakabe]
*Maynard James Keenan [no sharing] [ailurophobia]
*Mike Wazowskie [monsters inc] [no sharing] [eyeballz]
*Maria Friedman [superstina19]
*Meredith Williams [Pink Skulls] [no sharing] [lets_crak_stars]

*Nicholas Cage [Actor] [faeries]
*Noodles [Gorillaz] [faeries]
*Noah Bastian [From 2ge+her. aka Chad Linus.] [volcom_vixen]
*Nao [Kagrra] [hide]
*Noa [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Nuriko [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Nick Valensi [the Strokes] [candy__cane]
*Ning [Chinese Ghost Story The Tsui Hark Animation] [mokona_onna]
*Nick Jago [black rebel motorcycle club]

*Orlando Bloom [actor] [cdnhockeyfan], [_rockstar_], [lonely_eyes]
*Orgin/Yu Yu Hasuko [pan_chan]

*Pierre [Simple plan] [wondering]
*Pata [Dope headz] [kamijo]
*Paige Haley [Orgy] [indiequeen]
*Pegasus J.Crawford [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Pink [singer] [evil_kandy_kane]
*Pippin [LOTRs] [ironic]
*Princess Camille [cartoon character] [purple_glasses]
*Patrick [Spongebob Squarepants] [_decayed]
*Plum [anime character] [Chobits] [strawberrygirl]
*Pat Kays [Catch 22] [snoogans]
*Paul Thomas [Good Charlotte] [mansionworld]


*Rin [anime character] [Inuyasha] [kamijo]
*Robby Takac [Goo Goo Dolls] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Ryuuji Otogi [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Ryou [anime character] [Yuugiou] [yami]
*Ryonai [Blam Honey] [x_harlequin_x]
*Roman Marisak [Professional murder music] [xbitterstar]
*Ranma [anime character] [Ranma 1/2] [mokona_onna]
*Riku [Kingdom Hearts] [so_plush]
*Romell [Razed In Black] [ashesinthewind]
*Ran Fujimiya [anime character] [Wei? Kreuz] [strawberrygirl]
*Raine Miada [Our Lady Peace] [snoogans]
*Rob Thomas [Matchbox 20] [tasuki_no_miko]
*Rincewind [fvcktoi]

*Seb Lefebvre [Simple plan] [cdnhockeyfan]
*Shizuka Jounouchi [Yu - Gi - Oh!] [anime character] [himiko]
*Sango Taijiya [InuYasha] [anime character] [himiko]
*Sasaki Yuko [JPop singer] [himiko]
*Sugar [Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar] [anime character] [himiko]
*Sesshoumaru [anime character] [Inuyasha] [kamijo]
*Seto Kaiba [anime character] [Yu-Gi-Oh!] [ashre]
*Sid Vicious [Sex Pistols] [indiequeen]
*Stephanie McMahon [WWE] [sour_girl]
*Stitch [film character, Lilo and Stitch] [sopranobaby84], [fvcktoi]
*Spongebob squarepants [cartoon character] [smurfy]
*Sean Saley [Moodroom] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Stefan Olsdal [Placebo] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Scottie Murphy [Allister] [forever_]
*Shirley Manson [Garbage] [yummie_kiss]
*Shane West [actor] [volcom_vixen]
*Shinya [Dir en Grey] [hide]
*Shadow [Sonic the Hedgehog] [anthony]
*Shane West [sweetii]
*Sakito [ex-Due'le Quartz] [x_harlequin_x]
*Sarah Brightman [Broadway star] [skanky_]
*Stella Soleil [Sister Soleil] [evil_kandy_kane]
*Sai [Hikaru no Go] [bluedragonness]
*Squee [Squee/JtHM] [bluedragonness]
*Stuart Townsend [actor] [lonely_eyes]
*Sean Astin [actor] [snoogans]
*Samwise Gamgee [LOTRs] [snoogans]
*Sin [Syndrome] [ashesinthewind]
*Sanosuke [Rurouni Kenshin] [pan_chan]
*Steve-O [Jackass] [candy__cane]
*Sanosuke Sagara [anime character] [Rurouni Kenshin] [tasuki_no_miko]
*Steveo32 [sum41] [starbrights]
*Severus Snape [Harry Potter] [no sharing] [potion]
*Stephen King [author] [candy__cane]
*Spike [Cowboy Bebop] [ironic]

*Takuto [Full Moon Wo Sagashite!] [anime character] [himiko]
*Tigger [cartoon character] [lostinyoureyes]
*Toshi [X Japan] [kamijo]
*Tony Kanal [No Doubt] psour_girl]
*Tenjou Utena [anime character] [Shoujo Kakumei Utena] [tenjou_utena]
*Triple H [WWE] [sopranobaby84]
*Tori Amos [enigmaticdaemon]
*Trent Reznor [Nine Inch Nails] [enigmaticdaemon], [cxnt], [ailurophobia]
*Twiggy Rameriez [formerly Marilyn Manson's band] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Thomas Ian Nicholas [glam]
*Tom Felton [forever_], [cxnt], [sour_girl]
*Tobey Maguire [actor] [volcom_vixen], [tasuki_no_miko]
*Toshiya [Dir en Grey] [hide], [bluedragonness]
*Tetsu [Tetsu69/L'Arc~en~Ciel] [hide]
*Tetsu [Malice Mizer/ZIGZO] [hide]
*Tarrie B [My Ruin] [plastikvoid], [cxnt]
*Tom Delonge [blink 182] [night_mares]
*Tatsuya [Blam Honey] [x_harlequin_x]
*Taka [La'cryma christi] [x_harlequin_x]
*Thom Yorke [Radiohead] [mokona_onna]
*Tamahome [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami]
*Tasuki [anime character] [Fushigi Yuugi] [kyoami] [tasuki_no_miko]
*Toto the dog [Wizard of Oz] [ironic]
*Tara Maclay [Buffy] [strawberrygirl
*Till Lindemann [Rammstein] [nazi]
*Ten Mile [Chinese Ghost Story The Tsui Hark Animation] [mokona_onna]
*Terry Pratchett [author] [fvcktoi]
*The Luggage [fvcktoi]
*Tosh Townend [no sharing] [skateboarder] [jessuhka]
*Taylor Hawkins [Foo Fighters] [hotlikebutter]
*Tim Pagnotta [Sugarcult] [hotlikebutter]
*Tyson Ritter [All American Rejects] [hotlikebutter]

*Utada Hikaru [J-pop singer] [meggi] [ushichan_haru]

*Vincent Valentine [game character] [Final Fantasy VII] [kamijo]
*Val [Duel Jewel] [kamijo]
*Vin Diesel [actor] [sopranobaby84]
*Vanilla Ice [majestic_purple]
*Vegeta [anime character] [Dragonball Z] [anthony]
*Vash [Trigun] [so_plush]
*Viggo Mortensen [actor] [snoogans]
*Van Fanel [anime character] [Vision of Escaflowne] [kyoami]

*Winnie the Pooh [cartoon character] [lostinyoureyes]
*Willow [Buffy] [strawberrygirl]
*Wolfwood [trigun] [pan_chan]


*Yugi Muto [Yu - Gi - Oh!] [anime character] [himiko]
*Yami ( Yugi ) [Yu - Gi - Oh] [anime character] [himiko]
*Yuki Eri [anime character] [Gravitation] [enigmaticdaemon]
*Yoshiki [X-Japan/VioletUK] [hide]
*Yanno [go0berette]
*Yomi [Nightmare] [x_harlequin_x]
*Yue [Silver Ash] [x_harlequin_x]
*Youjeen, [Solo J-rocker/Cherry Filter] [meggi]
*Yuuhi Aogiri [anime character][Ayashi no Ceres] [sakebi]

*Zero [anime character] [Mega Man X] [anthony]

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