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Below is information about the "claim a broadway song" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_librettos (182420)  
Name:claim a broadway song
Website:maintainers journal
+ Two claims per person. If you make an icon or layout for the community, you may have FOUR.
+ Each claim may only be taken once. However, you can claim different forms of a song. For instance, an Original Cast Recording, a revivial, a movie version, or a cover version are all separate claims.
+ Off-broadway, off-off broadway and touring shows are more than welcome!
+ No fighting over claims.
+ This is just for fun, you don't have any real or legal claim to the musical or play.
+ Put a link back and stake your claim in your userinfo.
+ Claims must be made in posts by members. No comment claims.
+ Banners are cool but if its really huge, please use the lj-cut text.
+ If you do change your username, or want to change your claims, inform me =]
+ Maintainer's can have up to 8 claims ;]

**and if i missed a musical to put in interests please let me know!**

sister/brother communities:

the Claims

42nd Street
* "i only have eyes for you" -em0tionaless
* "lullaby of broadway" -beautiful_s0ul

* "my strongest suit" -em0tionaless
* "written in the stars" -jennayb

Anything Goes
* "it's de-lovely" -erebhecate

* "wilkommen" -ridiculousdogma
* "money" -ridiculousdogma
* "two ladies" -thevoicewithin7
* "cabaret" -beautiful_s0ul

* "i know him so well" -thevoicewithin7

* "all that jazz" -erebhecate
* "cell block tango" -anotherday

* "another hall in another suitcase" -eleanore_rigby9

Evita (movie)
* "Waltz For Eva and Che" -jjslash

Fiddler On The Roof
* "tradition" -systemfreak1

Flower Drum Song
* "i enjoy being a girl" (2002 revivial) - xo_damaged

* "somebody's eyes" - tardcore_xtyna
* "holding out for a hero" - tardcore_xtyna
* "almost paradise" - x0_show_me_love

Forbdden Broadway
* "this ain't boheme" -moonsinger

Guys & Dolls [movie version]
* "adelaide" -krystle

* "the flesh failures (let the sunshine in)"-sandpaper_tears

Hedwig and thte Angry Inch
* "the origin of love" -sandpaper_tears

Into The Woods
* "giants in the sky" -crimson_clover
* "last midnight" -eleanore_rigby9

Jekyl & Hyde
* "in his eyes" - cowcrazy
* "someone like you" - xo_damaged

Jesus Christ Super Star
* "heaven on thier minds" -bellyupgoldfish

Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 DVD
* "judas's death" -bluehorizons
* "damned for all time/blood money" -bluehorizons
* "superstar" -jjslash

Les Miserables
* "one day more" - super_nothing
* "a little fall of rain" - x0_show_me_love
* "on my own" -cherryskank
* "empty chairs and empty tables" -xbleedingheartx
* "do you hear the people sing?" -xbleedingheartx
* "stars" -my_infatuation
* "red and black" -my_infatuation
* "fantine's arrest" -dre2387

Lucky Stiff
* "rita's confession" -saratoga

The Music Man
* "lida rose" -systemfreak1

Miss Saigon
* "last night of the world" - silverbaby220
* "room 317" -peppermint_girl
* "sun and moon" -priapus

My Fair Lady
* "i could have danced all night" -stary_night

Phatom of the Opera
* "music of the night" -priapus

* "one song glory" -cowcrazy
* "light my cadle" -istillbelieve
* "today 4 u" -saratoga
* "out tonight" -bohemiansoul
* "another day" -jennayb
* "tango: maureen" -anotherday
* "over the moon" -cherryskank
* "la vie boheme A" -xdustxtoxashesx
* "la vie boheme B" -crimson_clover
* "seasons of love" - super_nothing
* "i'll cover you [reprise]" -xo_damaged
* "halloween" -vanity_
* "goodbye love"> -vanity_
* "what you own" -xo_damaged
* "your eyes" -livecafejunkie

The Scarlet Pimpernel
* "where's the girl" -istillbelieve

The Sound of Music
* "confidence" -peppermint_girl

Thoroughly Modern Mille
* "what do i need with love" -ewantastic
* "gimme gimme" -ewantastic
* "not for the life of me" -stary_night

Tick, Tick .. BOOM
* "sugar" -moonsinger
* "come to your senses" -bohemiansoul
* "green green dress" -livecafejunkie

* "the acid queen" -bellyupgoldfish
* "i'm free" -livesnotlived
* "pinball wizard" --livesnotlived

Urban Cowboy
* "it don't get better than this" - xo_damaged

West Side Story [broadway show version]
* "i feel pretty" - silverbaby220

West Side Story [movie version]
* "tonight" -krystle

Maintained by xo_damaged

Interests:71: 42nd street, a chorus line, aida, annie, anything goes, avenue q, beauty and the beast, broadway, bye bye birdie, cabaret, cats, chicago: the musical, cinderella, crazy for you, damn yankees, dance of the vampires, dream a little dream, evita, fiddler on the roof, flower drum song, footloose, forbiddne broadway, godspell, grease, guys and dolls, gypsy, hair, hairspray, hello dolly, into the woods, jekyll and hyde, jesus christ superstar, la bohème, les miserables, lil' abner, little shop of horrors, mamma mia, man of la mancha, miss saigon, movin' out, musical theatre, musicals, my fair lady, new york, nine, nyc, off-broadway, oklahoma, oliver, once on this island, phatom of the opera, pippen, ragtime, rent, rock horror picture show, sunset boulvard, the king and i, the lion king, the music man, the producers, the sound of music, theatre, throughly modern millie, tick, tick boom!, titanic, tommy, urban cowboy, urinetown, victor victoria, zanna don't
Members:73: ange1rachel, baron, bellyupgoldfish, bluehorizons, bohemiansoul, charmskoolgrad, cherryskank, clefto, cowcrazy, crazimonki, crimson_clover, dancingqt, darkhairedgod, darkyetstar_lit, dark_nightmare, derrrrrrrrrrrrr, dramatization, dre22387, dre2387, eleanor_rigby9, em0tionaless, emocore_slutttt, erebhecate, ewantastic, futurecarlotta, ilieforonlyyou, imyourdensity, im_x_0k, insanityraves, istillbelieve, jennayb, jesuscares, jjslash, jwtwiggy94, key2themusicbox, krystle, lifecafejunkie, live_your_life, lyricsoprano, moonsinger, mopinay98, my_infatuation, oceanchaser, opheliaxdoll, peppermint_girl, phoebe, pixeegrl, priapus, pulcher, randomcoffee, ridiculousdogma, rosesandirony, sandpaper_tears, saratoga, shellilynn, sheoutside, starburst07, stariemichie, star_kitten, sweetie_pie2006, systemfreak1, tennis_player, thevoicewithin7, vanity_, whatifistumble, x0_show_me_love, xbleedingheartx, xbrokendreams, xdustxtoxashesx, xo_damaged, _d0rky, ___retroromance, ___sideways
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