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Below is information about the "Claim Anything" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_junk (274317)
Name:Claim Anything

(Updated: August 4, 2003)

The Rules:
In this community, you can basically claim anything you want. Each person gets eight claims each, but maintainers get an unlimited amount of claims. No Sharing.

If you get someone to join this community, you get an extra two claims , but you MUST tell me who you got to join before you claim your extra stuff.

Also, if you add the link to this community in your profile/journal entry, you can get an extra claim.

A Nautical Star - mudvaynesgirl25
Adam Carson (AFI) - sinisterchild
Adam Lazarra (TBS) - erk_my_mom
Adam Sandler - ladyyogurt
AFI (band) - gcpsychochick90
Agent M (Tsunami Bomb) - exit
Alee (erk_my_mom) - crumbling_rose
Alkaline Trio (band) - pseudo_kiss
Almost Famous (movie) - pseudo_kiss
Always Ten Feet Tall, by Saves the Day (song) - bygone
Amanda (gravity_girl) - greathoudini
Anarchy sign Chucks - ilickedbenji
Andrew Mcmahon's piano(s) - pseudo_kiss
Anna (lilbunnyfoofoo) - explicit6
Annabelle of the comic book series Nightmares and Fairytales - pathetic_angel
Anti-Flag (band) - exit
Another Day, by Mest (song) - xbrokenreality
Anything grape flavored - explicit6
Ashton Kutcher - ladyyogurt
Autopilot Off (band) - lilbunnyfoofoo

Bad Religion (band) - exit
Bailey's Irish Cream - ilickedbenji
Bam Margera - underjoyedx
Benji Madden - justakid
Benji Madden's pink poof - ilickedbenji
Bert (The Used) - gcpsychochick90
Billy Martin (Good Charlotte) - ghetto_eskimo
Black Eyeliner - ladyyogurt
Blanco Meow - explicit6
Blink 182 (band) - gcpsychochick90
Bottom of a Bottle, by Smile Empty Soul (song) - xxairheadzxx
Bowling For Soup (band) - ghetto_eskimo
Branden Steineckert (The Used) - waxbutterflyz
Bright Eyes (band) - erk_my_mom
Buyo (anime cat) - star_kitten

Canada - erk_my_mom
Capri Sun - pseudo_kiss
Catch 22 (band) - xxairheadzxx
Cauldren_o_fire (blurty user) - star_kitten
Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) - lilbunnyfoofoo
Chance of a Lifetime, by Mest (song) - explicit6
Chocolate (food) - ladyyogurt
Chris Cornell - loverofjade
Chris Wilson (Good Charlotte) - ghetto_eskimo
Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle from HP2) - ladyyogurt
Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan) - greathoudini
Clavicle, by Alkaline Trio (song) - bygone
Commander Venus (band) - erk_my_mom
Conor Oberst - erk_my_mom
ControlFreak225 (Crystal) - daughtersofpunk
Colors Black and Red - daughtersofpunk
Cursive (band) - pathetic_angel
Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory) - xbrokenreality

Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) - sinisterchild
Dave Ghrol - gray_sparkles
Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene, by Anti-Flag (song) - unsafetypin
Davey Havok (AFI) - sinisterchild
David Desrosiers - erk_my_mom
Deryck Whibley - justakid
Desaparecidos (band) - erk_my_mom
Diane (iconfused) - erk_my_mom
Disturbed (band) - boiicrazii
Donnie Darko (movie) - pathetic_angel
Don't Hate Me, by The Get Up Kids (song) - unsafetypin
Dr. Pepper - racecar
Dropkick Murphys (band) - underjoyedx

Eben d'amico (Saves the Day) - bygone
Elmo Jamz, drummer of NHOI - racecar
Emmanuelle Chriqui - ry_an
Emotionless, by Good Charlotte (song) - daughtersofpunk
Evan Taubenfeld - justakid

Faeries - gray_sparkles
Family Guy (cartoon) - exit
Finch (band) - xbrokenreality
Fishnet pantyhose - gray_sparkles
Forget My Name, by New found Glory (song) - mudvaynesgirl25
Futurama - exit

Gir, from Invader Zim (cartoon character) - ilickedbenji
Good Charlotte (band) - boiicrazii

Hayden Christensen - sinisterchild
Hey, by The Movielife (song) - xxairheadzxx
Hold On, by Good Charlotte (song) - gcpsychochick90
Honours of strangling avril lavinge with her own tie -underjoyedx
Hoodie sweat shirts - mudvaynesgirl25
Hot Guys - ladyyogurt
Hot Topic - mudvaynesgirl25
Hunter (AFI) - loverofjade

I Won't Spend Another Night Alone, by The Ataris (song) - unsafetypin
Ice Cream - exit

Jade Puget (AFI) - loverofjade
Jaded, by Mest (song) - daughtersofpunk
Jay Gordon (Orgy) - loverofjade
JD Tennyson (Wakefield) - greathoudini
Joel Madden - justakid
Johnny Depp - sinisterchild
Josh Hartnett - sinisterchild
Jordan Pundik - erk_my_mom
Josh Stern (Good Charlotte videographer/Autopilot Off webmaster) - lilbunnyfoofoo

KaZaA - exit
Kellyn (interruption) - justakid
Kenny Vasoli (singer of the Starting Line) - lilbunnyfoofoo
Killerbee (blurty user) - boiicrazii
Knives (anime character) - star_kitten
KoRn (band) - daughtersofpunk
Kris Roe (Ataris) - pseudo_kiss
Krrristy (bygone) - pseudo_kiss
Kurt Cobain - loverofjade
Kyle (south park) - unsafetypin

Lars Frederieksen - crumbling_rose
Laser Pointers - exit
Level 27 (clothing line) - mudvaynesgirl25
Less Than Jake (band) - gcpsychochick90
Linkin Park (band) - xbrokenreality

MADE (clothing line) - mudvaynesgirl25
Marilyn Manson - sinister child
Marites (xbrokenreality) - greathoudini
Mabye Memories, the Used - plaidxpatches
Matt Brann - justakid
Matt Lovato (Mest) - xbrokenreality
Matt Skiba's smile - bygone
Mest (band) - explicit6
Milka Schokolade (German chocolate) - ilickedbenji
Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) - xbrokenreality
Moving On, by Good Charlotte - justakid
My Bloody Valentine, by Good Charlotte (song) - gcpsychochick90

Never Heard Of It (band) - racecar
New Found Glory (band) - boiicrazii
Nick Wheeler (The All American Rejects) - greathoudini
Nik (you_lose) - justakid
New York Rangers - exit

Orlando Bloom - racecar
Our Lady Peace (band) - gcpsychochick90
Ozzfest - mudvaynesgirl25

Paul's Bass - daughtersofpunk
Paul Frank Clothing - racecar
Paul Thomas (Good Charlotte) - ghetto_eskimo
Paul Walker - justakid
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - bygone
Pepsi Twist - ladyyogurt
Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky - pathetic_angel
Perfect, by Simple Plan - justakid
Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) - greathoudini
Pink (color) - oobrittnayoo
Pink Chuck Taylors - ghetto_eskimo
Polka dotted stockings - plaidxpatches
Postcards Home, by Unsung Zeros (song) - unsafetypin
PT Cruiser (car) - ilickedbenji

Queen of Pain, by Alkaline Trio (song) - bygone
Quinn Allman of the Used - plaidxpatches

Raine Maida (lead singer of Our Lady Peace) - star_kitten
Rancid (band) - crumbling_rose
Red Hot Chili Peppers (band) - boiicrazii
Red low top chucks that are about to fall apart - plaidxpatches
Rick Avery, bassist of NHOI - racecar
Riddlin' Kids (band) - lilbunnyfoofoo
Root beer - bygone
Ryan Escolopio (Wakefield) - greathoudini
Ryan from Wakefield's voice - explicit6

Salvation, by Rancid (song) - exit
Sara (explicit6) - crumbling_rose
Saves the Day (band) - star_kitten
Sebastien Lefebvre (Simple Plan) - greathoudini
Simple Plan (band) - gcpsychochick90
Singer from Vendetta Red - gray_sparkles
Singled Out, by New Found Glory (song) - mudvaynesgirl25
SLC Punk (movie) - ilickedbenji
Snicker bars - pathetic_angel
Something Corporate (band) - pseudo_kiss
Something I Call Personality, by New Found Glory - justakid
Sonny, by New found glory (song) - lilbunnyfoofoo
Smile Empty Sould (band) - gray_sparkles
Spam - gray_sparkles
Spongebob - unsafetypin
Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors (comic book by Jhonen Vasquez) - pathetic_angel
Steve (exit) - erk_my_mom
Steve Klien (NFG) - explicit6
Style no. 6312, by the White Octave (song) - pathetic_angel

Taking Back Sunday (band) - erk_my_mom
Tainted Love, by Soft Cells (song) - gray_sparkles
Taproot (band) - star_kitten
The fact that DSL is going to burn in hell - explicit6
the Starting Line (band) - lilbunnyfoofoo
The time, 11:11 - pseudo_kiss
The Used (band) - waxbutterflyz
The Youth Ahead (band) - xxairheadzxx
This is Not an Exit, by Saves the Day (song) - bygone
Tim Armstrong - crumbling_rose
Tony Lovato (Mest) - xbrokenreality
Trent Reznor - sinisterchild
Trunks (anime character) - star_kitten
Trunks' Sword (anime item) - star_kitten
Tryckstas - ladyyogurt


Vodka - gray_sparkles

Wakefield (band) - lilbunnyfoofoo
Wilmer Valderrama - racecar

XXX Girlfriend, by Melmac (song) - ilickedbenji


Zippie (Grover Dill, local CT band) - xxairheadzxx

If i missed putting any of your claims on this page, leave a post in the entries page and i'll add it on.
Interests:4: claims, junk, music, randomness
Members:32: bren, crumbling_rose, daughtersofpunk, distantillusion, dont_apologize, exit, gcpsychochick90, ghetto_eskimo, gray_sparkles, greenxfairy, hunters_bitch, ilickedbenji, justakid, ladyyogurt, lessthansteve19, lilbunnyfoofoo, loverofjade, plaidxpatches, pseudo_kiss, racecar, roxy205, ry_an, sageofrage, sinisterchild, so_surreal, star_kitten, underjoyedx, unsafetypin, waxbutterflyz, xbrokenreality, xoxsugarbebexox, xxairheadzxx
Watched by:9: crumbling_rose, erk_my_mom, gray_sparkles, greenxfairy, hunters_bitch, pseudo_kiss, sageofrage, waxbutterflyz, xoxsugarbebexox
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