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Below is information about the "Claim a Soul" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_a_soul (6411)
Name:Claim a Soul
Website:Claim list as of Monday, September 1st, 2003 @ 6:42 PM EST
Please check out our affiliates,
claim_a_name.claim_anime.claim_me.quirkies.claim_stuffs.claim_an_item.claim_my_body.soul_mates.celebrityclaims.song_claimage and gethitched!!

This is a claims community where you get to claim the soul of someone who you in real life could never have, but in your dreams or daydreams is your "one and only"; you spend your nights imagining what it'd be like to be in their arms...

the claims list will be updated as soon as possible

The rules are simple:

  1. To claim a person, you must have a Blurty and must be a member of the community.

  2. Only one claim per person, unless you post your claims in your userinfo and help promote the community by inviting your friends. Then you may have two.

  3. Each person/character/etc. can only be claimed once, meaning by only one person. Nobody has two souls, anyway.

  4. You can claim anyone, real or fictional, famous or not... from celebrities to anime characters to people you know in real life, and even Blurty users I suppose (though keep in mind that there are separate communities like claim_a_bjuser for this). As long as they're a person and not someone you made up or whatever.

  5. If your person does exist and is famous for something, please state what they are famous for (as in, are they an actor? Are they a member of a band? If so, which band?).

  6. If your person is fictional, please state where you got them from. As in, are they a character from a book, movie, anime, TV show, etc.? If so, which?

  7. Little gifs and banners for your claims are cool, but if they are large, please use the <lj-cut> tag if you post them in the community. Some of us don't have fast computers or connections. =P

  8. You can request these gifs/banners mentioned above from me (Ash) at design -- copy/paste and post it in a comment to the form or to my most recent claim list update entry here in the community. You may want to check that entry for how many requests I'm able to take this week however. And don't be greedy.

  9. Don't claim in comments. Entries in the community only.

  10. If you leave the community, your claims will be free & up for grabs for whoever wants and claims them first (provided they haven't reached their max number of claims already). If you're switching usernames and would still like to keep your claims, please let us know and we will gladly do this without penalty for you. If there are special circumstances that prohibit you from staying a member of the community for a short period of time, if you are temporarily deactivating your account, or temporarily leaving the community to reorganize your friends list and community members, please let us know and we will hold your claims for you for a maximum of 10 days.

  11. No plugging (that means advertising other communities) unless it's a claims community.

  12. Keep in mind that I'm only human and have a life too!

If you asked for a banner and I or someone else hasn't responded, comment to my entry the next time I update the claims list. I'll be sure to do it ASAP. (You might want to check out design with the forms.)

Also, I in no way claim to have come up with this idea. The idea came from the person who made the clique site I've got your SOUL, and I give them all credit. I just made this claim community because I don't have a working website nor, even if I did, would it most likely have anime content, so I couldn't join... and I thought it would make a cool claims community. ^_^

If you have a claims community, contact me if you want to be an affiliate. Affiliates will be advertised here in our userinfo if you do the same for us, and the maintainer of the affiliated community gets two more claims. (Meaning you can have a total of 4 claims if you put your claim in your own userinfo as well.)

Maintained by ashre

Please join final_fantasy if you like Final Fantasy!!
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