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Below is information about the "claim_a_guitarist" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_a_guitar (65316)
Website:Maintainer's BJ
This is a claims community for those who have the same passionate love and infatuation for guitarists. ^^ Read the rules first!

like claims communities?
go here

No you cannot share people. ^^ But don't worry, there are plenty of guitarists that are waiting to be plucked! I do this for various reasons, I like to see different things for a change.
Bassists included. With the limited bass knowledge that I have, Bass are Guitars with four strings on a lower octave. Plus, most bassists know guitar anyway.
one guitarist per person
If a person deletes their journal, wait ten days and if they don't reactivate their journal, the person is free to pick.
link back in your info. With your own button, with just regular text, i don't care as long as it's there.
Don't put who you want in comments that's not accepted.
from a japanese band, from an american band. I don't care where it's from. And if it's from a made-up band, such as an anime band (ex: Nittle Grasper from Gravitation), that's fine too. I don't care.
You may not say your own band unless giving me further proof that exists. Websites will not be excepted, Mp3's however, will be fine. I do this because I want to know you actually have talent, and are not just showing off ^^ Besides I would like to hear what you sound like!
Make sure you have no typos. You spell it wrong, i'm prone to spell it wrong too. Don't look like an idiot and make me look like an idiot just because you didn't check your typing.
Tell me what band whoever you claim or if they are solo I had many problems with this, and you will automatically be rejected because that pisses me off, and shows you did not read the rules.
I'll update the claims list every five people, so don't bitch if you aren't on for quite a while. If you still aren't on the claims list after a week you were probably rejected (i'll give you a comment if you are though) or i was just busy so if there is no comment then reclaim.
and if you point out a typo OR if you make a banner or an avatar for claim a guitar I will let you claim two people.

Good boys and girls, now go play.

Mike Ranson - star_kitten

Jade Puget - corpse

Alkaline Trio
Matt Skiba - thesakeofscars

All American Rejects
Nick Wheeler - christcracker27
Tyson Ritter - carpe_diem

Timmy Allister - bestofme

Ben Einziger - summer__romance

Babes in Toyland
Kat Bjelland - sexlessdemon

Beautiful and Flaw
Jason Daunt - bitterxpills

Blackmore's Night
Richie Blackmore - lesarath

Mark Hoppus - xri0txgirlx
Tom Delonge - fallingpictures

Brand New
Vinnie Accardi - ramen_noodles

Bright Eyes&Desaparecidos
Conor Oberst - blinkoid

Ao - inugamicircus

Joe Loeffler - _goonie_

Coal Chamber
Meegs - punk_angel_ashy

Mark Tremonti - fairxclusion

Karyu - promiseswoven

Dashboard Confessional
Christopher Ender Carrabba - xfallingstarx

Dir en Grey
Die - bluedragonness
Kaoru - meggi
Toshiya - hide

Dan Donegan - disturbed_psyco

Due le Quartz
Miyabi - hypodermic

Duel Jewel
Shun - chaste_sin

Randy Strohmeyer - wideawake
Alex Linares - xoxsugarbebexox

Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl - hotlikebutter

Hisashi - hide
Takuro - aru_chan

Tony Rambola - xvolc0mbaby

Goo Goo Dolls
Johnny Rzeznik - rexxie

Good Charlotte
Benji Madden - hotlikebutter
Billy - emosuprimo
Paul Thomas - i_am_a_groupie

Green Day
Billy Joe Armstrong - signaturepink

Mikko Viljami Lindström - poisongoddess

Courtney Love - disillusion

Mike Einziger - idiot_box

Justin Tosco - croft

Yuana - kodona

Kill Hannah
Jon Radtke - ec0ssaise

Talena Atfield(ex) - synthetickitty

La'cryma Christi
Hiro - jido

Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page - hermin_my_rat

Linkin Park
Brad Delson - __system__
Mike Shinoda - xsuperkatx
Phoenix Farrel - cdnhockeyfan

Luna Sea
Inoran - jimmycrackcodes
Sugizo - jimmycrackcodes

Jerimiah Rangel - benjis_eyeliner
Tony Lovato - punk_rock_poser
Matt Lovato - myusernamerules

Kirk Hammett - aettrynecyssan

Moi Dix Mois
Mana - damask

Miya - gokuakutony
Yukke - jido

Greg Tribbett - adamloser

joey jordison - slimette

My Lost Cause
Derek - y0ung_h0peless

New Found Glory
Chad Gilbert - whorish
Steve Klein - emosuprimo

Nine Inch Nails
Robin Finck - spandex_wombat

Kurt Cobain - kurt_cobain

No Use For a Name
Matt Riddle - whenkellycries

Not By Choice
Aj Bovaird - xconfuzzledx

Our Lady Peace
Duncan Coutts - rejectedtragedy

Aiji - gokuakutony

Pink Floyd
David Gilmour - wind_swept

Plastic Tree
Akira - danellen

Brian May - champeen24

Red Hot Chili Peppers
John Frusciante - cheapxandxevil

Lars Frederiksen - getchootom

Santana - crazybeautifull

Saves the Day
David Soloway - emptythoughts

Sex Pistols
Sid Vicious - siddidithisway

Simon and Garfunkel
Paul Simon - babybird

Simple Plan
David Desrosiers - punk3d_owt
Sebastian Lefebvre - riotbitch

Smashing Pumpkins
James Iha - swan
Billy Corgan - glassveins

Something Corporate
Josh Partington - boringblueyes
William Tell - forget_december

Sum 41
Deryck Whibley - __dirtystars__
Jay Mccaslin - scarhead

Gian Pyres - nocturnia
Greg Raposo - artistgirl
hide - meggi
Jimi Hendrix - myheadphones
John Mayer - diva_licious
Michelle Branch - tobiasthedog
Mikey Welsh - punkmunkey21
Miyavi - toki_takanowaka
Steve Vai - chocolatedogma
Stevie Ray Vaughan - glassjawkkbb

Tim Pagnotta - sugarpunk_xxx

John Foreman - dreamertears
Tim Foreman - dreamertears

System of a Down
Daron Malakian - fade2black

Taking back Sunday
Adam Lazzara - dramatized0
John Nolan - chesterdesired

Mike Dewolf - fadingdreams

The Beatles
John Lennon - systemfreak1

The Blackhearts
Joan Jett - xgravitygirlx

The Boston Post
Scott Moffatt - rockchickdiva

The Clash
Joe Strummer - beauty_disgrace

The Distillers
Brody Armstrong - ladyxliberty

The Moffatts
Scott Moffatt - criedxzac

The Rolling Stones
Keith Richards - forgottendream

The Start
Jamie Miller - electralux

The Starting Line
Kenny - mestupriotgrl
Matt Watts - forgetmyname_

The Used
Quinn Allman - sugarpunk_xxx

The White Stripes
Jack White - xdesi

The Who
Pete Townsend - forgottendream

Adam Jones - etherealh

Treble Charger
Greig Nori - slayersarah

Vendetta Red
Erik Chapman - ichangedmyname

JD Tennyson - walkingonglass

Rivers Cuomo - sour_girl

Mike McCabe - jessalyn

Women in the Workplace
Bryan - j0aquin

X Japan
hide - spiritedaway
Pata - takuro
Interests:6: bands, bass, bassists, claims, guitarists, guitars
Members:119: adamloser, aettrynecyssan, artistgirl, aru_chan, babybird, beauty_disgrace, benjis_eyeliner, bestofme, bitterxpills, blinkoid, bluedragonness, boringblueyes, carpe_diem, champeen24, chaste_sin, cheapxandxevil, chocolatedogma, christcracker27, crazybeautifull, croft, d0rkywhitegirl, damask, disturbed_psyco, diva_licious, emosuprimo, etherealh, fade2black, fadingdreams, fairxclusion, fearanen, feastingonapete, forgetmyname_, forget_december, forgottendream, geeklikewoah_, getchootom, glassveins, gokuakutony, hamster_girl, hawkster182, hermin_my_rat, hey_mr_jack, hide, hopeyouchoke, hotlikebutter, hypodermic, ichangedmyname, idiot_box, integrasama, iwannabeurstar, j0aquin, jaysmarbles, jido, kanariya, kodona, kurt_cobain, ladyxliberty, lesarath, lilmxedupgirlie, masked_emotion, meggi, mestupriotgrl, missjennifer, myusernamerules, nocoz, nocturnia, poisongoddess, porphyria, promiseswoven, psychotickitten, punk3d_owt, punkmunkey21, punk_angel_ashy, punk_rock_poser, ramen_noodles, riotbitch, rockchickdiva, sadisticdesirex, scarhead, sexlessdemon, shadowrawk, siddidithisway, signaturepink, simpleplandork, sixtiesbird, skateboarder1, sky_is_fire, slayersarah, slimette, socorox007, spandex_wombat, spiritedaway, star_kitten, suckr4_swttlker, sugarcult_kid, sugarpunk_xxx, summer__romance, swan, synthetickitty, systemfreak1, takuro, thesakeofscars, timelessguitar, toki_takanowaka, walkingonglass, whorish, wideawake, wind_swept, xbenji_maddenx, xconfuzzledx, xdesi, xfallingstarx, xgravitygirlx, xoxsugarbebexox, xri0txgirlx, xvolc0mbaby, y0ung_h0peless, _goonie_, __dirtystars__
Watched by:26: babybird, benjis_eyeliner, chocolatedogma, d0rkywhitegirl, diva_licious, emosuprimo, fearanen, glassveins, hermin_my_rat, hey_mr_jack, ichangedmyname, iwannabeurstar, jaysmarbles, kodona, kurt_cobain, nocturnia, promiseswoven, punkmunkey21, shadowrawk, sixtiesbird, skateboarder1, slayersarah, suckr4_swttlker, toki_takanowaka, xbenji_maddenx, xoxsugarbebexox
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